Monday, June 06, 2011

Microdot Sings

People ask me if I can sing tenor, I say yes, they say, well how's about ten or twenty miles away from here?
2 episodes of true terror from the legendary Pyramid Club in 1982 as the Giant Horrible Mr. Bubble Experience wreaks havoc. There is no hope and Go against the flow...You won't have to listen to this again, to paraphrase the philosopher, Richard Nixon. 


mikeb302000 said...

Sounds great. I felt like I was there, loaded.

microdot said...

how did you find this? you should have seen the stage show! on these cuts I played bass, but normally, I played guitar....this was more performance art than music...we had a "cult" of friends who danced and sang back up like a group of deranged cheerleaders...
One night, the actor/actress Divine was on stage with us go go dancing. I am still "scarred" for life.