Thursday, June 23, 2011

DHS Just Doing It's "Job"

Ahmad Jamal is one of America's living treasures. He's 81, born in Pittsburgh and has been a major innovative influence and a star in the world of the uniquely American art form of jazz. He has been recording since the early 1950's. This song, Poinciana, was first released in 1957. He still tours and plays concerts all over the world.
He is now playing at a festival in Switzerland and is having major problems being paid because the Department of Homeland Security froze his American bank account when he tried to deposit the money he earned from the concerts from Switzerland.
Why? Because someone thought his name sounded too Islamic, and you know, you just can't be too careful. This matter will be resolved shortly, I am sure, but Mr. Jamal should get an apology for the insult at least. This man should be giving concerts ar the White House, but I'm sure all the flab brained squawkers at FOX, like Rusted Lardball, would accuse Obama of harboring Islamic terrorists. 
Don't you just feel just ever so much more warm and secure knowing that the dolts at the DHS are protecting you from great jazz musicians with funny sounding names?

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squatlo said...

It's like banning Cat Stevens from entering the country because he made a comment in support of the jihad against Salmon Rushdie or something stupid like that. yeah, Cat's a real threat to America with those Peace Train songs...