Monday, June 06, 2011


On February 13, 2009, in Fort Lauderdale, FL , a $120,000 Porsche 911 Turbo driven by Chicago 36 year old Millionaire Playboy, Ryan LeVin jumped the curb and killed 2 business men who were British citizens.
He then fled the scene of the crime.
LeVin was on probation for for an offense in Chicago in 2006 in which he was pursued and arrested in a chase on The Kennedy Expressway after hitting a Chicago police officer with his car.
LeVin had already racked up over 50 traffic violations and had a long history of drug abuse.
When LeVin's unmistakable luxury auto was identified as the vehicle involved in the deaths, he lied, denied being in the speeding car and then tried to pin the blame on a friend.
Finally, he admitted to the crime after he was arrested. The sentence in Florida for the 2 vehicular homicide deaths could have been up to 45 years behind bars.
Instead, LeVin was allowed to walk out of court  under a 2 year "House Arrest" sentence in his parents Fort Lauderdale luxury condo. This sentence might actually preclude his extradition back to Illinois, where he is wanted for a probation violation relating to the 2006 police officer hit and run.
The  rather bizarre reasoning used by Broward Circuit Court Judge Barbara McCarthy  was "the need for restitution outweighs the need for prison."
She was referring to an out of court settlement for an undisclosed amount of cash reached by the widows of the victims. The settlement also finishes a civil suit started by the victims families. The court originally wanted LeVin to plead guilty in exchange for a 10 year sentence, then proceed to the civil suit. His lawyers placed his fate in the hands of the judge and money talked while justice walked.....
Why couldn't real justice have prevailed and made LeVin serve time and pay restitution?
Why is he being enabled to avoid any real responsibility for his dangerously irresponsible lifestyle?
House Arrest in his Parents luxury condo? He'll be back behind the wheel of his Porsche, coked out of his gourd roaring off to the next party with his rich buddies who will sympathize over the little problems he has had...maybe he will get to snort coke off of a marble fireplace at the governors mansion...
After all nobody's gonna force  this rich fuck to take a drug test. This is Florida, the land of  Governor Rick Scott who is enriching himself from destroying the health care system, and passing laws to prevent the unemployed from collecting benefits with out paying for drug testing out of their own pockets. In Florida, it would seem, the only real crime is being poor.

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Laci the Chinese Crested said...

There isn't a colour divide in US justice (White man's justice v. black man's justice), it's one of rich v. poor.

How fast do you think it would have taken OJ Simpson to have landed on death row if he had been a has been football player?

Even though there is a "right to counsel" the court appointed attorneys are paid extremely low fees for their services.

Don't get me started on this.