Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Le Comte de Money

Of course you know that Paul Ryan never had to work a real job. Okay, alright so he was out there in the real world for a few weeks working in a MacDonalds, so he knows about all about the common folks and how life works, right? Oops, to be fair, I forgot that he earned some summer beer bucks driving the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile.  Aside from that, he interned at a Congressional cafeteria and got Social Security Survivor benefits after his father died. It was tough...but he got some grants and went to college and slipped right into the Congressional Intern System and then "worked" his way up to actually being elected at age 27. Since then, we have been paying for his health care even though his wife inherited 5 million dollars and he had a trust fund worth over 1 million and he is getting his ass greased liberally by lobbyists to the point where this poor semi orphan is worth over 7 million bucks today.He has never had to buy his own health care and he has never had to work for a living. Being a congress man is the only job he has ever had. Just another self entitled teabrat, like his potential rival for the TeaBrained 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, Teddy, (The Anointed One) Cruz. Cruz in worth over 4 million dollars and came from the elitist background of the mega church empire founded by his daddy, who really did anoint him. He has never had to work in his life. His wife, Heidi is an executive at Goldman Sachs. The golden tea brain was able (thanks to his poppa and in spite of his mediocre party boyacademic  record) to buy his way into Harvard where he excelled in the consumption of Everclear grain alcohol. The high point of his academic career was when he drunkenly disrupted a play put on by the Harvard LawDrama Society. By the way, Cruz has had to be reminded to report the money he has in a Jamaican investment firm by the Senate Ethics Committee...He said he forgot about the $75,000. Sort of reminds you of the rise to infamy of another scion of a family of self appointed American aristocracy, George Bush, Jr....
My version of the addled fictional fantasy
that passes for economic theory
in the land of the Tea Brains
Neither of these guys know what it is like to be laid off of a job and the desperation of having to make ends meet, let alone support a family on unemployment compensation. To these guys and the other uber wealthy Tea brained, corporate controlled psychotic assholes pretending to be politicians, real people are  just numbers in a spreadsheet. Paul Ryan is representative of the many idiots in Congress passing themselves off as deep thinking economic realist intellectuals (Cruz, Issa, Rand Paul for example) because they read the drug addled fictional fantasies The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and walked off the deep end thinking that they never had to read another book again. As far as I'm concerned, this is the level of immature and lazy intellectual rationalization that allows people to accept the bible as the final word on evolution. A fantasy that gives simplistic and childish solutions presented as absolute fact, so they never have to read another book again!Why read tedious real science when creationists can quote the bible? "nuff said! 
So many people living in quiet despair now, ashamed to even talk about it when other people have jobs. And the few things that give them some sense of hope and dignity -- food stamps, unemployment benefits -- are just pieces on a political chess board. You can be damned sure that if they're extended, it will only be at the expense of some other vulnerable group and we'll call it a "success."

Well, most revolutions start with hungry people:
(Read the entire Nov.17, 2013 NY Times article here.)
Unless Congress acts, during the last week of December an estimated 1.3 million people will lose access to an emergency program providing them with additional weeks of jobless benefits. A further 850,000 will be denied benefits in the first quarter of 2014.
Congressional Democrats and the White House, pointing to the sluggish recovery and the still-high jobless rate, are pushing once again to extend the period covered by the unemployment insurance program. But with Congress still far from a budget deal and still struggling to find alternatives to the $1 trillion in long-term cuts known as sequestration, lawmakers say the chances of an extension before Congress adjourns in two weeks are slim.
“Why would you not extend now, when you’re dealing with the nearly unprecedented levels of long-term unemployment coming off such a historic recession?" -- Gene Sperling, White House economic advisor.
As a result, one of the largest stimulus measures passed during the recession is likely to come to an end, and jobless workers in many states are likely to receive considerably fewer weeks of benefits.
In all, as many as 4.8 million people could be affected by expiring unemployment benefits through 2014, estimated Gene Sperling, President Obama’s top economic adviser.
“Historically, there has not been a time where the unemployment rate has been this high where you have not extended it,” Mr. Sperling said in an interview. “Why would you not extend now, when you’re dealing with the nearly unprecedented levels of long-term unemployment coming off such a historic recession? This would be the wrong time to do it.”
Democrats are pushing for an extension of the emergency insurance program as part of the broader budget talks designed to avert a repeat of the government shutdown in October. But negotiators in the House and Senate are discussing a relatively small deal focused on replacing or altering the sequestration cuts, which would probably not include an extension of the jobless program.
Both Republicans and Democrats are skeptical that even such a small deal is possible given how divided the parties are.
Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington and chairwoman of the Budget Committee, “clearly supports the policy, is interested in doing it and is hopeful there will be a path in this budget conference,” said a senior Democratic aide with knowledge of the discussions. “She will continue to work with Republicans to see if it’s possible in this deal.”
Republican aides declined to discuss the talks. But Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, the House budget chairman, “is committed to finding common ground,” said William Allison, a spokesman. “He hopes both parties can work together to cut spending in a smarter way."

Ryan is back in spin control and image refurbishing after the havoc and damage he and his psychotic tea brained geniuses wreaked on the America economy with their little congressional shutdown variety show. He has a new plan! Kinder and gentler and he claims it will help the neediest in 7 ways, but in reality, his clever plan is going to only enrich Le Comte de Money and inflict even more hardships on those who can least afford it. Here's a link that proves how his clever plan will only hurt those who need help the most and guarantee ;there will be more hungry angry and needy people in America. But who's paying attention to those messy tedious details when you've got yer Jeezus?

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