Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ooops, did I do that?

The only surprising part of this aggressive statement by this conservative hawks of the Israeli government  is that they finally admitted they have the Nuclear Weapons to attack Iran themselves after years of US Presidential candidates saying the US would do it for them. Israel must hate President Carter who exposed the information that Israel had over 400 Nuclear Weapons. McCain and Romney promised if they won the election they would bomb Iran. Well Israel is blowing smoke out their butt as Iran is now protected by the United Nations and Israel will do nothing. Well it always takes a great President to bring about Peace. Look for the US history books to say Bush made the deal. I'm sure one of the main reasons for the unseemly Israeli outburst is the fact that they found out they had been in the dark about the hush hush negotiations that the Obama Administration has been having with the Iranian government since the beginning of the year. The deal was reportedly cinched in a Geneva hotel where a huge bash was being held in the neighboring ballroom and a country and western band was playing appropriately enough Johnny Cash's Classic, Ring Of Fire.
Reports here in France on todays afternoon news indicate that the Israeli public is relieved supports the deal. 
The next most predictable chain of events will be the Republicans will try to derail the agreement to further their agenda of obstructionism and sabotage of the Obama administration by demanding that America impose new and harsher sanctions against Iran. This of course would scuttle a Democrat administration major diplomatic success. Maybe they imagine that they can keep playing this game and when if ever they regain power, they can be the ones who make the deal and do it in a way to keep their buddies, the Israelis happy.

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Ol'Buzzard said...

Israel might be the biggest threat to peace on a level that endangers the world today.
the Ol'Buzzard