Thursday, June 12, 2014


I have to get this book! I am another person who has to admit how much I like John Waters...but I had the great honor to work with him on a few films. I designed all the tattoos for Johnny Depp in Cry Baby. The best piece of art direction I ever got was when I did the hillbilly electric chair tattoo for Depp, sent the design to Waters via fax and the next morning a fax arrived with the simple request, "More Mammy Yokum"! 


bj said...

I've only just recently acquired a copy of this flick ... I'd like to see that tat ... and more mammy yokum, too! Waters is a different kinda guy, ain't he?

microdot said...

Here's a bizarre tidbit. I had a very obnoxious rock band in The East Village for a few years called Mr. Bubble. We were kind of performance art and played often at The Pyramid Lounge on Ave. A. The Pyramid was a very strange place where punks and transvestites sort of shared a common unreality. One night, a big guy who we realized was Divine in "civilian" clothes was having fun in the crowd. We would get people to come on stage and dance as part of our "backup" singers....more like a group of deranged cheer leaders....Divine was stoned on stage and auto graphed my chest with a felt tip pen. I was going to have the patch of skin surgically removed and framed, but I didn't.

Ol'Buzzard said...

this is a must read...will order it through the library and suggest they carry it. I am impressed! You know John Waters! It would be great to just sit and talk to him.
the Ol'Buzzard