Sunday, June 08, 2014


I don't want to say, "I told you so", but it appears that the NSA is backing off on their destructive jihad against Edward Snowden. In recent polls, only 29% of Americans consider him a traitor. 55% think he did the right thing and the usual 16% said, Edward whoo? I dunno......
Oops. Maybe Snowden wasn't such a traitor-monster after all, says Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper (who lied to Congress while under oath...)
“We’re still investigating, but we think that a lot of what he looked at, he couldn’t pull down,” Clapper said in a rare interview at his headquarters Tuesday. “Some things we thought he got he apparently didn’t.” Although somewhat less than expected, the damage is still “profound,” he said. ...WaPo
Of course, David Ignatius writes in the Post, only a trial would establish the truth.

Sounds like there's a deal being made?

A reminder: In America of the 21st century, where the alliance of federal government and increasing numbers of state legislatures with corporate interests is reality, you can get punished -- severely -- for anything that embarrasses those in power. In other democracies, we could probably trust the legal system . But our legal system?... now?... in the 21st century...? Really?
Senators on the intelligence committee expressed deep doubts about curbing the National Security Agency's broad data collection powers as the upper legislative chamber begins to consider a landmark surveillance bill that passed the House last month...
... The panel's leaders, Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California and Republican Saxby Chambliss of Georgia –(Chambliss is a malignant cyst and Feinstein? An embarrassment to the Democrat Party! When will her time be over?)  is  both of whom remain staunch advocates of the bulk domestic phone metadata collection that the bill is aimed at ending – feared that restricting the volume of data to which the NSA has access will leave the US vulnerable to a terrorist attack.
In some cases, the panel, charged with overseeing the intelligence agencies and preventing abuse, advocated greater authorities for the surveillance agency than the NSA itself requested. ...TheGuardian
But, the real gauge of reality, the fantasy world of Hollywood, might be the best indicator of the future of Edward Snowden. Get the script editors on the horn! Stone wants to talk to  Afflecks agent pronto! In last Monday's Guardian, June 2, 2014 it was revealed that Oliver Stone is preparing a big budget adaptation of Guardian Journalist, Luke Harding's book, The Snowden Files. But, why just one movie? Glenn Greenwald is working presently on on an adaptation of his book, No Place To Hide with James Bond producers Michael  Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. So, my friends, who do you think should play Snowden? Affleck was pretty good in Argo...but he can't be in two movies....


bj said...

I suppose like all Government related 'Truths' ... there should be several versions written and videoed for proof.
Maybe they could do a musical comedy version and cast Martin Short in the lead. (saw him on Letterman the other night and that guy's as sharp as ever and never at a loss for werds)
And if it's okay to begin with, "So." I suppose it's okay to begin with, "I told you so." heh

microdot said...

Martin Short? Okey Dokey, but only if he gets to do multiple characters! I must say, I have always been a real Martin Short fan!

Patricia said...

I don't believe a damn thing Clapper says. Feinstein's time will never be over these politicians stay till they drop, or they join a a lobby. I don't know who should play Snowden, probably Tom Cruise.