Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Just another reason why I love Detroit. Jack White.  This will be released on June 9th. You know Mr. White...White Stripes, the man who produced Loretta Lynn's last two albums as well as Wanda Jacksons big comeback record as well as collaborating with and producing Jerry Lee Lewis and that's just scratching the surface. The last Rolling Stone Magazine guitar poll had him up there with rocks all time 100 most influential guitarists....I love the old school Korg analog synth! I haven't seen one of them in action since the early 90's!


bj said...

I love it! Jack is a pickin' mo'fo, too. I bought that Wanda Jackson CD and was at the Ryman back in 2010 the night Jack presented Wanda with her Lifetime achievement award. Dood's got a lot on the ball, alright .... maybe could keep his comments on other performers a bit more professional, but hey! he's entitled to his opinion.

microdot said...

I leaarned something else about White today. Last year he personally bailed out The Detroit Masonic Temple and kept it from being foreclosed due to back taxes. It's an incredible building on Cass Park and probably one of the most acoustically perfect theaters in America. I went to Cass Tech High on the other end of the incredible public school, now gone forever. The Detroit Masonic Temple is true jewel box and he saved it. I saw so many great concerts there.