Friday, July 25, 2014


I had to think about this for a little while and cool down. Look, I belong to Greenpeace. I support positive militant environmental action. I believe in the power of people to make themselves heard and educate others by action. I oppose animal cruelty and militantly, more than ever support small farmers and now my fight against Monsanto has taken on a personal aspect. But, more and more, I believe the elitist frivolous group PETA is diluting and destroying the credibility of how the actions of responsible groups are being perceived. Today, they crossed the line of arrogance and self involved egotism with their offer to pay the water bills of 10 poor Detroit residents if they would become "vegans"for one month
Think about that. A rich wealthy elitist organization uses the human rights violation of the Detroit Water Cut offs as a propaganda tool to educate poor people in their concept of a healthy vegetarian diet. Most the PETA members probably have no idea of what it is like to live in an inner city poor neighborhood. They get their organic natural food from over priced markets in their wealthy communities. What PETA seems to miss in their vegan-as-a-bargaining-chip scheme is that it’s not easy for everyone to live on a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables like the kind PETA encourages. Some people — and especially lower-income residents like those in Detroit who are struggling to pay their bills — reside in food deserts where it’s not easy to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables all the time. Or they simply work too many jobs and still don’t have enough money to have the time to prepare fresh, unprocessed foods. In 2012, 18 million families in the U.S. were unable to get a sufficient amount of food to be healthy.
I think it is demeaning, hypocritical and insulting to the people of Detroit who are struggling to survive in a city that is engaged in the process of eliminationism as a solution to poverty. It makes me very mad that they have reduced poor Detroiters to the level of the cheap publicity stunts, making them another gimmicky photo opportunity  as the women often depicted naked, covered in “blood,” and trapped in cages for PETA promotional materials and events.
My problem with PETA is that they seem much more concerned with the sensational hype and emotional manipulation of animal cruelty than with the ethical treatment of humans and the people I have met who were militant PETA members and sympathizers seemed to have a very unreal relationship with reality.  If you want to really help the people of Detroit, keep the pressure on the real culprits. They are finally beginning to show a little restraint. The city just declared a 15 day moratorium on shut offs and actually began to turn the water back on to homes they have illegally cut off with out due process after a coalition of city residents and community groups filed a lawsuit against the Detroit Water and Sewage Department. Supporting the people and keeping the real pressure on works! The city of Detroit is cracking under the international attention and criticism it has received in the last month. Canada has filed a complaint with the United Nations for the Human Rights Violations of the Shut Offs and is actually delivering water to Detroit residents.  PETA's cheap publicity stunt only dilutes the protest and makes the plight of these people seem trite and silly.  I'd say FUCK PETA, but they seem to be doing a pretty good job of doing it to themselves!


Ol'Buzzard said...

Another religious group proselytizing.
the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

Thank you! I managed and cooked for the only vegetarian restaurant in Toledo, Ohio in the early 70's, but I was never a real vegetarian. I have a diet now that is mostly vegetable based, but I am quite carnivorous! Most militant vegans seem to have a very skewed sense of priorities and most are fairly neurotic in their approach to food. As I said, they try to apply their privileged life style to the rest of the world. They have no idea of what it is like to try to buy food in the inner city of Detroit or the burden of the cost of what they consider healthy food would be to the people who struggle to feed their families and themselves. This was one of the most insulting, arrogant pointless things that PETA has done yet! Don't even get me started on their responsibility for the banning of foie gras in American cities because of the practices in some of the places it is produced. If you are going to ban foie gras because of the hyped sensationalized examples of cruelty to ducks and geese....? It hurts the small traditional producers more than the big eastern european producers they use as an example. I think PETA represents a very unhealthy mental attitude towards our relationship with food, the environment and farming in general. This is what causes food phobias I observe in American children. I am French and I will eat anything you put in front of me and appreciate it if it is good. I eat snails, crayfish, eels and lampreys and love it. Here a great recipe: Maletote de Lamproie...get a few lampreys and skin them...the skin is a little toxic. Then cut them up, put them in a pot with a bottle of red Bordeaux wine and a few squares of unsweetened dark chocolate, cover and let simmer for a few hours...unbelievable...I got this recipe from an 84 year old professional fisherman on the Dordogne River who caught tons of Lampreys in the Dordogne.