Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Fashion Week In Tel Aviv!

Here's a selection in the latest a la mode sniper wear t shirts that are all the rage in Tel Aviv!
I think this totally redefines the term, "FASHION VICTIM"!
Blue: Pregnant Palestinian woman with a sniper crosshair on her belly, under it: 1 shoot 2 kills
White: Palestinian child and slogan: "The smaller, the harder" (harder to hit)
LEFT: Samurai drawing and above it "We wont calm down till we confirm death
RED : destroyed mosque and above it written "Only God Forgives"
Imagine a palestinian wearing a shirt that has a drawing of a pregnant Jewish woman, and a sniper's crosshair targeting its belly. What would Israel make of it?
LEFT: Palestinian woman mourning her killed child, and above it written ironically "Better Use Durex"
Let every Arab woman know that her child's fate is in my hand
Many thanks to Pete Karman of The Karman Turn for this link!
Again, here is the link to the piece in Haaretz!


Anonymous said...

I know this is meant to incense, but when I think about the inhumanity of the genocide over there, and israelis' sitting next to their swimmingpools, and families dying of thirst just beyond through their chainlink fencing, I know religion is a fools game when I think about the selfishness of it all. It's like when you get an extremist mormon kid shoot up a school in the USA because he thinks he's the new Jesus, and no-one remarks that maybe religion is the perfect platform for people with psychopathic tendancies. Was it Jung that talked about shadow personalities? wouldn't the world be better if we could see exactly what the consequences of our actions are. I don't know how people can condone any human suffering, it seems to be a psychopaths' world. government, religion, war, finance institutions the world could learn to do without

microdot said...

Great comment. Religion is the excuse...One of the stupidest memes bandied about by "religious" folk is the statement "With out religion, you have no moral compass. An atheist has no reason to control his impulses"
I am an atheist and I hold my self to much higher authority than a book of myths, a primitive need to be controlled and a system that answers any pesky question with the answer, just stop thinking and believe.
The higher authority, the ultimate guide of my actions is me! My inner compassion and empathy, my highly tuned moral compass. My inner sense of what is right. It transcends any law, any book of fables. My actions are guided by the sum of what I am.
Thank you for your comment!

microdot said...

BTW, I hope I made it clear in the piece that there is a link to an article in Haaretz that really talks about these shirts, who buys them and who makes them...pretty bizarre and totally obscene!

Ol'Buzzard said...

there is always someone poised to make money off any circumstance - they call it capitalism... another word for greed.
the Ol'Buzzard