Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Israelis Do The Darndest Things

As a temporary 5 hour cease fire seems to be in the works, most observers agree that this is only the prelude to Israel's next step in solving their Palestinian problem. An all out invasion and final seizure of Gaza is immanent. Over 100,000 people are being warned to get out of the way. What does this mean? Where do they go? This is Israel ignoring world opinion and humanitarian concerns. This is total appeasement  to the most radical elements of their society and government. This is their solution at any price. This is what they think they have been trying to do for over 60 years as they seized more and more Palestinian territory, dehumanized the Palestinian population and ignored the real reasons for the rage they incited against themselves.  We, on the rest of the planet have to suffer the consequences and blow back of this rage. This is going to get much more uglier very fast and America seems to be a willing abettor in this obscenity. We have been the enabler. We are caught in the web as willing victims and accomplices.  We have all been willingly or unwittingly stained by the blood of the victims. We watched Exodus when we were young. We were students of history and were scarred by the history of the Holocaust. But, Israel used us. They manipulated and twisted our compassion.  You have been used and betrayed.  I have many Jewish friends in the USA who have either participated or have been approached by the Taglit-Birthright Israel program to send their children to Israel to be educated for free and learn about their heritage. I have seen the results as kids with open minds come back parroting the vilest dehumanizing anti Palestinian propaganda I have ever heard.  This program is funded by billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Charles Bronfman among others. There is another side to this...American Jewish kids who resist the propaganda and learn to act with their conscience and think for themselves, but the consequences can be pretty hairy.
Footage has emerged of a brave young Jewish American speaking out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the response by Israeli security officials is terrifying.
The young man uses clean language, barely raising his voice, and makes the simple statement that Israel is not acting in his name when it perpetrates violence against the Palestinian people. He calls for an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the right to return of Palestinian refugees. The incident occurred in 2011, but it reflects the growing insanity of anti Palestinian hate existing in Israel now!
He is approached by security officials and law enforcement officers – he is then pushed, punched, knocked to the ground, handcuffed, thrown in a police vehicle and taken from the scene – while the public cheers on in the background. This was posted on June 9, 2014 and after a bit of searching, I found out that he is Lucas Koerner. You can read more about the arrest and the Jewish American delegation that was attacked for speaking out here! Check out Mondoweiss for real passionate reporting about what American Jews really feel about what is going on in the Middle East.

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Dave Ozonoff said...

Count me as a supporter and admirer of this young man.

Police thugs are the same the world over.