Thursday, August 14, 2014

NO WAY OUT Pages 5 & 6

Two more pages in the Ben Qutuz Brothers In Frustration Land saga. As I have mentioned before, I am giving this comic strip away. It was written and drawn in 2000 and it seems more relevant than ever. I will try to make it a PDF file you can download when I am done scanning it all, or you can print the pages right from this blog. So far, the Ben Qutuz brothers have been terrorized by the Israeli Patrol, their mother has been dissed and insulted when she tried to complain. When the older brother gets home, he tells his mother, who is having a visit from the Imam about the nice Israeli woman officer who intervened and let him go. Mom and the Imam are horrified and outraged and she accuses him of being a little girly boy who is not her son any more. The older brother, depressed goes into his room and is inspired by his Batman poster. He fantasizes that he can be an avenging Batman who strikes fear in the hearts of the evil soldiers and the admiration and love of the nice Israeli lady officer.  So...he makes a crappy home made Batman costume in his room as his indoctrinated little brother is sent into the night by his mother and the Imam with a dynamite suicide belt and the promise of a heavenly reward.........

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