Thursday, November 13, 2014

His Brainz Hurtz

I have been reading about Glenn Beck's  rather bizarre admission and sort of even more bizarre excuse for his "behaviour" over the last decade. He claims he has an unspecified, previously unidentified neurological disorder he claims his "chiropractic neurologist" calls adrenal fatigue. The symptoms of this rather rare and unrecognized (by qualified physicians) disorder cause him to lose his memory, suffer seizures, suffer from "vocal paralysis", insomnia, mental fogginess and emotional outbursts that he said, "quite honestly made me look crazy."...His doctor is treating him by charging him insane amounts of money to be strapped into a giant gyroscope and spun about. He thinks this treatment has made him ever so much better, but it just affirms my view of the losers who are addicted Becks ranting...You are what you eat.


Anonymous said...

I am not a doctor but it sounds like a classic case of paranoid schizophrenia to me. Of course, schizophrenia is quite common in religious people. Hearing voices, feelings of persecution etc...ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ol'Buzzard said...

We could only hope for vocal paralysis.
the Ol'Buzzard

Anonymous said...

From the symptoms, sounds like an executive dysfunction. There is no cure. Specifically I would say 'slow processing' would be the type of executive dysfunction..
.. There is definitely NO CURE..
(just in case he passes to read this better write it twice)
could have been caused by a knock to the prefrontal cortex, drug abuse, or maybe he was born with it. As I have the same dissorder, I have the same dilemma as to which cause is the most likely.... luckly i've come to terms with being incompetent but my good looks make up for it;.