Friday, November 07, 2014

My Resume

I ran across this clip on YouTube from Scorsese's remake of Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro as Max Cady. I had been looking for photos of the tattoo work on line, but here they are...I designed most of this stuff. The cross started on a paper napkin in the Mayflower Hotel Coffee Shop when I had a meeting with DeNiro's makeup artist, Ilona Hermann. Then it was a few crazy weeks of getting to work at 9 am on my bike and having DeNiro and Hermann ambush me as I was unlocking the door of the building on Hudson Street with their latest revisions of the designs...We had to resize the cross twice as DeNiro bulked out getting in shape for the film. The first time I was ambushed by Hermann and DeNiro, I freaked...two crazy people getting out of a beat up station wagon and a woman screaming in a Hungarian accent..."The Jesus! The Jesus! It is all wrong!"

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