Sunday, November 16, 2014

When Are You Comin' Home?

Slow Joe, 71, born in 1943, from Bombay is an up and coming rock star with his incredible band, The Ginger Accident. He met the guitarist, Cedric de La Chapelle on the beach in Goa. Slow Joe is a true survivor, he lived for years as a practically homeless con man/tour guide/street musician of sorts on the beach making a few rupees a day.  Slow Joe approached Cedric and tried to pick up his girlfriend.  Something clicked and together, they are doing something totally unique. A fusion of poetry, performance art, rock and Bollywood pop! Slow Joe is the catalyst for this fusion.
This was from their last record, Sunnyside Up. There is a new album, just released called Lost For Love. I heard a live concert on French radio last month and was totally intrigued. Check out his facebook page!

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