Monday, February 09, 2015


Curtis Mayfield, live on stage at Montreux, 1987
If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go


Anonymous said...

I became a Curtis Mayfield fan when I saw the movie "Superfly". A great artist and under appreciated! thanks!

bj said...

Never heard this one before, but LOVE the title. Hmmm ... we might have to use that title for the motto of our new chuh'ch.
Hope yer feelin' better and over yer case of the epizoody.

microdot said...

Mr. Rat, this piece was originally from Superfly...Curtis was one of the great innovators. I have have his last cd recorded after he was's still brilliant!
bj, I am over the nasty lung tuff that this flu caused, but, it seems to have triggered another problem all together. I have to get scans...I still feel pretty bizarre, but this was a real wake up call. I have been in avoidance about a few medical issues and like ,most guys, we feel we can tough it out and we are invincible. I've only been really ill a few times in my life, but I am going to take advantage of the medical system here. I think my wife's ongoing eye problems have had taken a toll on me. She is now going to have to have cornea stem cell transplant and is now on the list...In spite of it all, I have to saw wood today...
Thanks for the wishes...I will try to visit your new blog, which I only just discovered, later today!

bj said...

Was it Eubie Blake? "If I had Known I Was Going To Live This Long ...."