Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Samuel Cody

I was thinking of one of my long time heroes, Samuel Franklin Cody, today. He was a Wild West Show entrepreneur, actually and old friend of Buffalo Bill Cody and they were friendly rivals in later years. Sam went to Europe and became a successful showman there, but he had another passion. He invented and designed kites. He incorporated his Bat winged box kites into his shows and kept refining the designs. I've written in this blog quite a bit about him over the years. He offered his kites to the British Admiralty and was a commissioned officer. He is considered the father of the British Air Force. I ran across this video of him today from perhaps 1910? It isn't dated, but he did build the first aeroplane in Britain and held the sustained flight record for a few years. He built flying motorised kite boats and crossed the English Channel. All in all,  Sam Cody is a man who deserves a bigger place in history than he is given. One of the great innovators of aviation and a real showman to boot!

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