Sunday, February 24, 2008

Casse Toi Pauvre Con!

Yesterday at the Salon de Agriculture, where most french politicians traditionally go to meet the people and be seen fondling farm animals, President Nicolas Sarkozy paid a brief visit, surrounded by security.

In the rush through the crowd to his prearranged photo ops, he shook some hands.
One fellow, echoing more and more, the sentiments of the French populace, shrunk from the Presidents sweaty touch saying "Ah, non, touch moi pas" (Don't touch me!)
Sarkozy in his normal frenzied manic state, aggresively barked, "Casse toi, alors, pauvre con!" a very loose translation, but carrying the same vulgar aggression : Get lost you pathetic asshole!

This got captured on a cell phone video and now it has had as of 21:30 CET, over 240,000 hits on YouTube! No matter what Sarkozy thought he was going to do tomorrow, this is all that the rest of France will be talking about. That and the prices for basics in the big stores increasing almost 40% across the board....

You really get the feeling that he meant it when he said that he expected to only have one term. He seems to have an agenda of destroying social gains made under the Socialist party with what ever it takes. The richest are getting much richer and the middle class are getting...poor.
This should be good for another point or two loss in his ratings!


microdot said...

the icing on the cake so to speak was hearing Segolene Royal throw his critiscm of her when she scolded him during their debate last year.
He told her that a president had to have le sang able to keep his cool...she repeated hsi words almost verbatim as her criticism of him.
On the other hand, she was very well recieved at the Salon d'Agiculture!

Anonymous said...

France gained nothing except poverty and unemployment during the socialist era. Sarkozy is just trying to draw France out of the social, economical and cultural mess the socialists created. He cannot be blamed on the principle of his action only on his lack of courage in taking the unpopular measures that will free France from its socialist plague.

microdot said...

Anonymous, do you actually live in France? I think you are spouting the lines that you have been fed.
You sound like a conservative American railing against "creeping socialism" and the utter fear that you might get a new socially responsible health care system instead of the invitation to turn it into another Insurance/Bank loan scam like the sub prime loan fiasco that McCain is proposing.
Did you know that the subprime financing loan bomb is about to starty to detonate here in France?
Do you know who deregulated the banking loan industry so that it could occur a few years ago when he was finance minister?
Of course you don't, as if you gave a flying fuck about facts!
Please, continue, oh great white parrot of propaganda!

microdot said...

I should have known from your style who little anonymous from Northwest Ohio was.
I will delete any anonymous post.
Now get lost and stay lost!

Anonymous said...
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Barb said...
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Barb said...
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Barb said...

Chicken! That one post by the economist was not by me. You really can't stand another's opinion--no matter how informed, can you? He called you arrogant. He was from France, he said. He wasn't I. And no one in my house. I don't know who he was --but you were lucky to have him for a reader to make your blog more interesting.

mud_rake said...

Barb is BAAAAAAACK! She's decided to invite herself back to my blog because her blog sucks and nobody goes there.

Remember: full name, address, and mapquest link to your house, barbara rohrs.

Barb said...

O go ahead, mudrake. It only makes you look crazed, obsessed and dangerous --and will scare all others away.

Barb said...

How do you know nobody goes to my blog? You must be popping in yourself! For what reason???

Barb said...

BTW, I do have at least as many visitors to my blog as Microdot --and your numbers have dwindled, mudrake --so I guess it won't matter if you publish my info. You'll have to go back to censorship again.

Barb said...

haven't you two figured out that blogs get more traffic when there's a debate going on and people wanting to make their points? If you stifle dissent, you become a bore.

Barb said...

I think it might qualify as harrassment to publish personal info--but beware of insulting me with falsehoods if you do it --for that would be libelous.

Now don't worry that I just made 5 little posts out of what should have been one --I had some after-thoughts. Makes Microdot look like he has a lot of activity.

microdot said...

a few points here before I start to put post approval inot action.
I have had over 700 hits on this blog in the last 4 days.
This is my blog, if I don't want to interact with someone I don't want to, I won't!
This blog exists purely as an outlet for my thoughts and creative impulses.
If you have something interesting to say, I will post it and respond.
If it's only a troll saying Nyahh, Nyahh and playing out your personal problems and expecting an audience...go somewhere else for your pity party, my tiny violin is broken.
Barb, I have asked you to get out of my face! I am not in the least bit interested in having any interaction with you and the stupidity and brain disease you drag along with you.

Anonymous said...





microdot said...

Merci, anonymous! J'espoire que dans l'avenir nous ne serons pas tellement timide a parler quoi nous pensons!