Thursday, August 02, 2007

24 Hour Party President

You read it here first! Nikolas Sarkozy is going to be spending his vacation time this month in the house of a retired Microsoft Executive , Michael Appe on the shores of Lake Winnepesaukee out side of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
So far this is all very low key, no official announcements have been made and there iis so far no ulterior political motive to the trip.
Residents of Wolfeboro, fair warning! Sarkozy's wife has been declared persona non grata by the mayor of San Tropez after shutting the town down with security so she could do a little personal shopping.
Last week in Tripoli, little Nicolas wanted to go jogging and Kahdaffy had to curfew half the city.
You have to ask yourself, why would the hyperactive president of France choose a small New England town for his vacation spot. Nicolas is not a simple man, there is never a simple answer to his actions. There is always an ulterior motive.
Here is the link in the Boston Globe. They make a big point of telling him where he can go to buy imported French Cheese and that no restaurants in Wolfeboro ever renamed French Fries during the anti French furor of a few years ago.
Maybe he needs a little low profiling after his deal to sell Nuclear Technology and arms to Libya...and a chance for the dust to settle here.


Mr Torapamavoa Ministre de L'antipropagande said...

Yo !
We re french
we found your blog and this article on Sarkozy do you knwo (who knows?) the exact adress of Mick appe (mircosoft) ..?
it will be fun to show it on our blog.
We re one of the most activ blog against sarkozy re welcome !

microdot said...

bienvenue a thebrainpolice!
I will check out your blogs....I had an anti sarko button here until I did something to it in my blog template!

Mike Appe's cozy little bungalow has it's own private beach, a private cinema, 8 bedrooms and 11, count them, 11 bath rooms...that's an American thing, adequate plumbing, we just can't get enough of it!

For the heck of it, I tried to find and address, but I think If you wrote to
Nikolas Sarkozy
Michael Appe
Lake Winnepesaukee
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 03894
United States of America

Your post card might get delivered!
Bonne chance!

loran said...

hello mr"microdot"!!!!
the good blog!!
et merci de nous lire
meme si loin

Mr Torapamavoa Ministre de L'antipropagande said...