Monday, August 27, 2007

Mormon Theology for Children

Just in case you ever wondered, what the heck do Mormons believe anyway?


Man with the Muck-rake said...

Oh no! What a Saturday morning cartoon' clearly not serious, I hope.

Village Green said...

Holy Moroni! Great find, Microdot! Pretty darn amazing that people actually believe these cartoons also known as religions.

BTW, thank you so much for your well wishes in celebration of the Village Green's b'day. It is a wonderful coincidence that we began our blogs one day after the other. Truly, you are my blog-brother! Here's to many more years of happy posting!

Anonymous said...

Damn Microdot -

That is just too bizarre.
Do you think if I picked up a few more live-in babes and voted for Romney that I will be able to cast lightning bolts at the mortal wretches from Olympus too?


microdot said...

I really wonder if there are Mormons who really believe this stuff? I could have posted some pretty funny stuff about the magic holy Mormon underwear, complete with an anecdote from a believer who tells how a soldier was in a plane crash, totally destroyed except for the parts covered by the sacred underwear.

If Mitt Romney firmly believes this stuff, how will it affect funding for NASA?

Barb said...

This is ABOUT mormonism --not BY them, right?

Do we all realize that? I gathered from comments here that viewers think the film was really an educational tool for Mormons --but later on --referring to Joseph Smith as a young man known for his "tall tales" --that was about my first clue that Mormons didn't put this out. Also toward the end it refers to "mormans as THEY" rather than as "We."

And of course at the end, the people talking, clearly are not mormon but concerned with its encouragement to divorce the unbelievers.

I suppose those who think Christianity is also untrue will see no difference between it and mormonism --but to me the Mormon version --the God Elohim with his multiple wives giving birth to people who need to be born on earth --it's a lot of hooey.

christianity, for me, has much more historicity, respectability --more writing by different authors over many years --just more credibility.

I'm hoping Huckabee gets the nomination--even Chris Matthews liked him --I saw him interview Huckabee and he was really impressive. Fred Thompson my 2nd choice --and I'd vote for Condi any day. Great running mate.

Barb said...

I've watched Romney a little --and I just think he's like the republican John Edwards --looks good --nice family --but pat answers --not particularly eloquent or straight talking --too packaged. And that's a problem for electability.

Gore lacked the charisma; bush lacked the eloquence --I think Huckabee is more impressive than any I've seen yet.

Barb said...

More thoughts on mormonism. These religions that come up with some latter day prophet whose credentials and sex lives are bizarre (Mohammad --er, blessed be his name -and Joseph Smith) --which religions elevate these guys to God status (joseph will sit with god and Jesus on judgment day and be our judge, your video says) --these prophets are just more suspect than the Old Testament patriarchs, Jesus and the new testament missionaries and disciples.

I dare say there is more to God and His kingdom than has been revealed --but I'm just a wee bit leary of Smith's explanation. He REALLY was into "bring 'em young"--polygamy for God, for himself, for all the men in the church --whooeeee! Reminds us of the old Gospel song, "I was sinking deep in sin --wheeeeee!" (Arminian protestants at my college teased that this song was the Calvinist theme song with their doctrine of "eternal security." The Arminians believed we shouldn't presume upon "eternal security," such that we would live any way we wished without conscience and moral parameters just because we were "saved" by our faith in Christ.)

Barb said...

One more correction--the religions didn't elevate Mohammad and Joseph Smith--Mohammad and Joseph smith elevated themselves. Unlike Jesus who didn't write anything about Himself.

microdot said...

I'm sure everyone of the millions of people who read this blog find your every comment that oozes out of your self important miasma of boredom utterly fascinating.
We all agree with you, your religion is the only right religion and anyone who doesn't think like you is damned to hell.
I know if I even assume to disagree with you or show you the least sign of disrepect you'll send your son over here to give me such a talking to.
Anything but that, I've had ribs broken at "peace" marches, my head cracked by a policemans stick and broken teeth from being kicked in the face for standing up for what I believe in.
But a boring lecture, a stern talking to, and the gasp, attempts at sarcasm?
No, Mizz Thing! Pulleeze don't do it!
Just go away!

Barb said...

Just trying to coexist, Microdrunk. What did I do to trip your nasty rudeness? or is it that bipolar thing again? I think you've just been spending too much time with the joyless Muck Dweller.

I intended no stern talking to --I thought I was just musing about the preposterousness of Smith's planetary view compared to what some of you think of as preposterous about Christianity.
I did mislabel John edwards as a republican.

Ok --I'll just go away, a recipient of liberal love and classic tolerance.

Barb said...

By the way, new post on my blog--re: blog censorship

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