Monday, August 06, 2007

Encouraging Bad Behavior

Hmmm, I don't think it's a very healthy thing to celebratean obsession, do you?
It's just encouraging bad behavior to draw attention to it.
So, instead of congratulating myself and having a party because thebrainpolice is one year old, I would like to draw attention to other people misbehaving and causing a scene!
First a few of the more recent blogs I have linked to:
The Man With The Muck Rake
A NorthWestern Ohio blog by a fellow who casts a weary x-ray eye on the political landscape of Ohio and has no more patience with the idiots in charge of America can explain it all in a way that even I can understand!
What would Bobble Headed Jesus Say?
Another rather newish blog of social and political essays by another bass guitar playing writer from the Toledo area....the other one is me. Intelligent, progressive thinking with some great Star Wars philosophical links that make everything perfectly clear. Such behavior can only be encouraged!
Torapamavoa le blog anti Sarko
This brave blogger is rabidly and surrealistically taking on le petit Nicolas the first with a fist full of DaDa! It's written in French, but it will self translate itself for you into most major languages. Be fore warned, auto translated French into English may not neccesarily accurately be what the author intended, but it makes for some more DaDa!
Trouble Every Day
This is my favorite place where nothing will ever make any sense, but incredible inspired outflowing grade A idiocy bordering on brilliance! Brain cleaning micro scrubbing action will leave you empty headed and squeaky clean!

There will be more recommendations and product plugs........This is a once a year uncelebration of my own bad behavior!


Man with the Muck-rake said...

Congratulations, microdot, for bringing much needed political and gastronomic information to the world for the past year.

TheCultureGhost said...

Congratulations and this will not go un-noticed.