Monday, August 06, 2007

What A Spine Looks Like

Here is a picture of a spine. A backbone. This is what we expect of the representatives we elect. The Congress caved in to the president and their perception of what they felt the public wanted them to do to save their sorry asses and voted to ratify the amended FISA Bill which in effect okays the government electronic eaves dropping that has outraged so many Americans.
Dave, of the blog, intomyown is asking for our participation to let your reps know how youu feel about their spineless behaviour!

This Friday (8/10), everyone needs to call their Congressperson's home office (since they're on recess) and express their outrage over this FISA bill. Let them know how we feel. If they voted the right way, tell 'em good job. If they didn't, tell 'em what you think.

It's not hard. Go to or and find your Senator or Representative, and look for their contacts. Call their home office, since they're on recess. It takes 2 minutes or less. And it takes about that long to call, or you can find a comment form on their site if you would rather do that.

We have to make our voices heard.

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