Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Ad CNN Refuses To Air

MediaMatters, the unshakable organization that fights for accuracy and honesty in American Media, has produced this ad, CNN's Dobbs Problem, which CNN refuses to air inspite of its absolute factual content. CNN has taken the position that Lou Dobbs iss an actual legitimate News Reportage Program. The Ad is supposed to run on MSNBC and FOX. Youu can read more about the ad at DobbsConspiracy and sign a petition asking CNN to actually live up to its slogan as The Best Political News.
Dobbs now claims that MediaMatters is Swiftboating operation from the left.
Well, if the fair and unbiased American Media won't run the ad, I will!


mikeb302000 said...

Micro, I find it hard to believe these people are serious. I keep running into a similar thing on my blog with the pro-gun guys, something you've witnessed yourself. They consider anyone who disagrees with them as the enemy and when dealing with the enemy, it's perfectly acceptable to lie or exaggerate or pretend not to understand. Then they repeat it so often that they themselves begin to believe it, meanwhile many of lower intelligence buy into it completely.

I think that's what happened with these "birther" nuts.

Dromedary Hump said...

Oy. Mike... everything to you equates to "pro gun nuts" versus you sane peaceful, disarmed folk. One can only hope that if you are ever mugged it's at knife point so we can enjoy the disjointed rhetoric as you espouse anti-assault/steak knife hysteria.
But, getting back to reality and the actual substance of this thread:

This insane birther movement is the most transparent and insipid attempt to torpedo a politician Ive ever witnessed. The birth record is public info; the birth announcment in the Hawaii newspaper on the date of his birth is documented. That this thing is getting coverage speaks to the utter insanity of the fanatical right, and the desperation of Republicans.

So with no meaningful or substative contributions to offer this country; with not a single viable leadership candidate they revert to:
Hes a muslim. Hes not American. He's a socialist. He's the anti-christ. he doesnt have a flag lapel pin on, he's anti-American. He doesn't have an American flag decal on his campaign airplane, he hates America. Hes a racist. He's anti-Israel He's weak on terrorism.

Is it any wonder why Republican credibility is in the dumper, and why I left those asswipes two years ago.


mikeb302000 said...

Listen DH, I think you've got me wrong there. I may be a bit obsessed with guns, I admit to that. I write and read about them every day. But it's not correct to characterize me as you did. "everything to you equates to "pro gun nuts" versus you sane peaceful, disarmed folk." That's just not true.

And the idea that if attacked with a knife I would "espouse anti-assault/steak knife hysteria," comes from where exactly?

Dromedary Hump said...

a "bit" obsessed?! lol.

Val�rie said...


"That's just not true"

I agree with you absolutely. Don't worry about the pro-gun idiots, they are just little boys who think they have a big penis that is bigger than the person next door.

Dromedary Hump,

"a "bit" obsessed?! lol"

Speaking of obsessions, you can talk. All you can say in everyone of your articles on your blog is how much Christianity is bad. That's the only topic you ever talk about. A lot of it is true and is funny, but when it comes to obsessions, you take the cake.

Greetings from Paris,

microdot said...

Val?rie, Nice to see you here!

Guns? I have said on numerous occasions that the right to own a gun, is well, a right!
The right to carry loaded guns in public is something else again.
The use of guns by hunters is ideally guided by legal protocols, which hunters don't always respect.

The America obsession with equating freedom with guns is equating the right to carry a gun with the right to live in a violent paranoiac environment, which enables self fulfilling fantasies of psycho violence.

In reality, we create the problems we really want ourselves.

microdot said...

Val?rie, I was going to try to meet you a the Burger King near the Jardin de Luxembourg, but Lim says that Burger King pulled out of France years ago...shows you what I know...
Macdo's instead?

mikeb302000 said...

Thanks, Valerie for standing up for me against that big bully.

Dromedary Hump said...

Uh..yeah. My blog is about religion, atheism, anti-religion, religious intrusion into our freedoms, theocratic efforts by some Americans to declare this a "Xtian Nation", the dumbing down of our schools by trying to teach Creationism as science...etc., etc. Hardly a one issue focus. It transends simple practice of religion.

Not only is that what my blog is about, its also what my book is about.

That you can't see the difference between defense of our right as freethinkers, justice for all minorities regardless of sexual orientation or gender, defense of the 1st amendment's "wall of separation" / Establishment Clause ,... and equating every thing in every post to "gun nuts", where no such correlation exists to a normal mind, may speak to your lack of intellectual honesty, or awareness.

I don't care if poor put-upon bullied Mike, who needs your defense, is anti-gun. Thats fine. Its just that it seems to pop up in the most unrelated threads. It pervades every topic from here to Mud's site, to his own. Its a one issue mind set that frankly goes beyond activism to irrational obsession when applied to non-gun issues.

Following that kind of obsessive non-thinking, I may as well blame the religious fundies for the economic crisis, the unemployment level, and rising cost of health care.

Yeah..crazy old me with my atheistic activism in defense of a SECULAR NATION, scientific advancement, and equality inspite of a majority religion who seek to truncate those things. And that nutty Dawkins, obsessive Hitchens, whacked out PZ meyers, posessed Matt Dillhaney, and really wierd Sam Harris.

Truly insightful, Val.


Dromedary Hump said...

Oh, and Val... since you are a frequent and valued visitor to my Blog, a catholic "lite" (to whose aid I've come to in another blog, I'd certainly welcome your explaining to me how much of Cristianity is good.

That happens to be the subject of my latest blog, which evidently set you off. I would certainly welcome your explaining the good of Xtianity to me.

Micro... sorry I derailed your thread. It wasn't my intent.


mikeb302000 said...

Hump, I think you've got me wrong. I tried to make a joke with Valerie and you got huffier than ever. What is your problem, you said it's not that I'm anti-gun? If everything you say is true about me, why do you care enough to even write it.

microdot said...

Well, Mike, you gotta right to tie your ideas into what ever you think is appropriate. I enjoy your writing on your blog immensely and Hump, I think you have real passion and you can harness your passion to power your sarcastic wit to shred the tires of the gilded tricycle of religion.
Valerie knows all about derailed threads as one of the best derailed thread blogs around...Pourqoi pas...nobody stays on any subject and to do so might actually be considered the sign of boredom.

Thanks for the posts!