Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Valium Smoothie

The state of the Helth Care Debate as of Monday night in Las Vegas. An Israeli attempts to explain the Israeli Health Care System and how Israel honors its soldiers with its Health Care. A Conservative protestor screams "Heil Hitler" at him and when she tries to elaborate when the Israeli man angrily demands an explanation, she can only reply in obnoxious gibberish.

He goes on to state that he was charged over $8,000 for a visit to an American Hospital Emergency Room ans her response is to imitate a crying baby, "Wahhh, Wahhh"....

Meanwhile, more and more sightings of armed citizens at these events, just exercising their Second amendment rights to carry a licensed fire arm, don't you know....

You know, this could be the tipping point. The rest of America realizes the debate has been highjacked by a small group acting more and more like thugs. They don't need logic, they don't need reasons and if you don't like it, well, they've got guns.

The ever loquent Michael Steele, the nominal head of the Republican National Committee stated this morning that he didn't really know what was in the bill, but there's some kind of panel, but perhaps it's wrong to call them "Death Panels".
Please, he's supposedly setting the tone of policy for the Republicans and he admits that he doesn't have a clue as to what is in the bill! He just mistates and repeats a lie about some kind of "Panel".

Today in the NY Times it was reported that the major Labor Unions have made it clear that they are going to withdraw support if the Health Care Reform legislation is stripped of the "Public Option". Good Move!

The White House also today admitted that it is ready to forego the dead end road of bipartitisanship and go it alone with the process of parliamentary "reconcilliation" in which they will only need 51 votes to pass a bill.
That is a process which was used by the last 3 republican Administrations to ram there legislation through in their "bipartitisanshipply" manner.
When they do it, it's okay. If the Obama administration does it, they will screm holy hell, what a bunch of left wing socialist hippies! and it will get messy.
But at the end of the day, Health Reform will pass and a win is a win and that is all the American people will remember.

Meanwhile, the crazy borderline anti semitic babe in the video should go home and finish her Valium Smoothie.


Jeanette said...

First of all it's the Second Amendment. The First Amendment has to do with freedom of speech, the press and the government not having an official religion. I'm not positive of the third but I think it's in the First Amendment.

I won't comment on your spelling errors, but for any person to say Heil Hitler to any Jew or to any person is a disgrace and it is wrong. It reflects on her and not the entire nation or the entire conservative movement. I'm ashamed she did that, but surprised that you, a huge Israel opponent and big Palestinian proponent, would be outraged by this. I'd expect you to be saying "Yeah, Babe! Go!"

Right now Kennedy is out sick. Too sick to even attend his sister's funeral last week. Byrd has been sick for some time and cannot be counted on to be there when the vote comes in the Senate.

That leaves 58 Democratic senators counting Lieberman and Sanders. Take out a few who are conservative democrats and you have a nail-biter on your hand if they try the reconciliation process.

And, despite your hopes and wishes, this is a movement by all sides of the political spectrum. It's not just right-wingers who are against this plan.

No one can even explain it and reading it is like reading a law text book in which you have to keep going back to the beginning to get the official definitions.

In other words, don't count your chickens just yet. You may not even get it to the Senate because the Democrats Rahm Emmanuel recruited come from conservative districts and ran as conservatives. They know their political career is over if they vote for this.

We need to figure out a way to cover those who are not covered and leave the rest of us alone.

Even wacky Kucinich said on Wednesday it's time to tear up this bill and start all over again.

microdot said...

Yeah, I meant to correct the first amendment thing when I was putting in the links. Will do!

To be fair, I did invent the word "bipartisanshipply" because I thought it was cool and meant what I wanted to say in a slightly sarcastic manner.

Thank you for the intellignet and reflective comment.

Joe said...

Bear in mind that Hitler was a leftist.

microdot said...

Hitler was a leftist...
A Joe, you are brainwashed parrot...
What communist country did you escape from? Was it one of those enslaved nations in Europasianland?
Because you are randomly posting and leaving semi intelligible turds on my blog with an anonymous blogger id, I have to assume you are crank and your next comment goes in the trash and you can go bother someone else.
It's my fucking blog and I will tolerate intelligent assholes, but anonymous brainless jack off artists such as yourself are the reason I can trash comments...
Now go tell all your friends how liberals are nazis and discriminate against poor honest anonymous trolls like you. Back under your bridge, buster.

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