Monday, August 31, 2009


I watched the eulogies live at Ted Kennedys Funeral Service here in La Sechere and later turned on my computer and found the same forward from 3 diiferent habitual offenders which was a character assasination/smear job of Kennedy.
I was struck that the emails were sent out during the service...
I stopped and thought for a few seconds, if this was just three people sending to me, one lone "progressive" all at the same time, think of the exponential number of emails of hate being sent...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
This is was mind boggling, this was a regular HATE-IN! A Totally Groovy Cluster-Fuck of Hate, so to speak, well, these were conservatives, so I assume they were using "protection" and had their Swiffers handy....
since we already had a summer of love 42 years ago,
I officially declare that this is Americas Summer Of Hate.

Somebody To Hate
 When the truth is found to be lies
and all the joys within you dies
don't you want somebody to HATE
don't you need somebody to HATE
wouldn't you love somebody to HATE
you better find one before it’s too late

When the democrats baby are elected
and your mind, your brain, is just full of red
don't you want somebody to HATE
Because all you need is HATE
wouldn't you love somebody to HATE
you better find somebody to HATE

Glenn Becks eyes, his eyes are full of tears
messin up your head baby, he knows that you are so full of fear
don't you want somebody to HATE
don't you need somebody to HATE
wouldn't you love somebody to HATE
someone different than you to HATE

Too many facts and big words, none of them make any sense
and liberals baby they treat you like a pest
don't you want somebody to HATE
don't you need somebody to HATE
Because all you have is HATE!
 better buy more ammo before it’s too late.........


mud_rake said...

Hate is the reason. Pure and simple hate. They belong to that knot of people who's minds are frozen in concrete, unwilling to review any thoughts which are different from their own ugly view of the world.

One wonders how these people made it through the evolutionary process when cooperation within the clan and creative thinking were the most cherished survival-qualities of the people.

There must have been some radioactive meteorite that crashed near them at the end of the cave-dwelling era which altered their genetic and memetic make-up and cast them into the role of forever being naysayers, grumps, and haters.

Perhaps they will die off, albeit not too soon before they have damaged this nation beyond repair.

mikeb302000 said...

I was surprised at the viciousness of the comments I read on some of the pro-gun blogs I visit. Those guys were merciless to old Ted, and when confronted on whether it was because they hate his gun politics, naturally they lengthily insisted it was not. But the "hate" was flowing.

microdot said...

But it's not just Ted, it's as if a dam has burst and the folks who were once regarded as "fringe wing nuts" have taken over the nations conciousness...
The sheer irrationality and intensity of this phenomena could be almost overwhelming, but I find complete solace and wisdom in the Tao....
This putrid bubble has expanded so obscenely fast that that the explosion is imminent...It will burst, it will destroy itself, it's human nature exponentially speeded up through the modern hot house of media....
When it bursts, though, we all will need to take cover, because it will be messy!