Sunday, August 02, 2009


And now for a little promotion of projects by a few friends....
If you are in New York City on Thursday, August 6 and want to hear some new music, check out Thru The Wire, a quarterly electronic music party at the Public Assembly in Brooklyn. The host will be Steve Bryant, who will be performing as well. Steve is a great drummer and he has been a member of Boomclique for years along with my friend Luca Bartocioli. They are performing under the name of Grancentral. Steve also performs with his other projects, Machinedrum and Textual. Michna and DJ Brazil are the DJs.
If you are interested in hearing Steves music, check out some of his new tunes at Let him know what you think!

I'd also like to point your nose in the direction of my friend Glenn Patscha's new cd. Songs From The Jefferson Highway. I've featured music by Glenn in the past. He is an eclectic musician who has played jazz, blues, New Orleans Funk and has fronted the group Ollabelle for a few years. Ollabelle is a great American Band playing gospel, county soul blues and traditional American music for the future.

Songs From The Jefferson Highway features some of the members of Ollabelle and a cast of others including Brian Cullman who co produced the cd with Glenn and Hector Castillo. Brians wife Melinda designed the cd. This is music with ambiance, a soundtrack for a movie you have to imagine.
Music of adventure and dreams. You can sample some tracks and download the cd or buy it from Amazon. Great music by good people!

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