Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Drunk To Fuck

A request and I would like to thank The Engineer of Knowledge for making me remember this song.Too Drunk To Fuck, live by the Dead Kennedys. They were one of the greatest politically punk bands of all time...well perhaps one of the greatest punk bands of all time! This live performance is probably from 1980 and captures the insane energy of the time. Jello Biafra is still performing and still politically active. A man of  true conviction, he is proof that punk will never die.
Punk is alive and well here in La Sechere!


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Ohhhh Microdot,
You just took 25 years off my age with this one.

Don't give me head
You'll only make it worse
Take out your retainer
And put it in your purse

Well I,m too drunk to fuck!!!

microdot said...

I saw them play a few times in NYC.
You always find yourself looking at the past and thinking how much better it was...the music was crazier, the attitude was more real...
But, that's how it felt to me then, I think it must be very hard to be that young now.

I lived in a $150 a month apartment in the East Village. I could afford easily to be iresponsible and not worry about a corporate career.
Now that same apartment would rent for $2200 a month and there aren't any more cheap places to eat on Ave. A.....

Anonymous said...

YouTube gets a take-down request for infringing the copyright of the Dead Kennedy's. Punk's lawyers are keeping it real.