Saturday, October 09, 2010

Jealous Guy

Have you ever had to put up with the company of a person who, in a flailing attempt to bolster their own sagging self image, declaimed self righteously, "I don't have no bad vices."? My usual response is, "Me neither, I only have good vices!".
We all have our faults and weaknesses. One mans vice is another mans virtue. It is how we deal with out faults that define us. In a lot of ways, denial defines a lack of true character. How can we really be great if we are not able to acknowledge our baseness?
Today would have been John Lennons 70th Birthday. If there was ever an artist who was able to be brutally honest in regard to his own personal failings and faults and then use that knowledge to create truly great art, it was Lennon.
I'm sure if you are cruising blogs today, you will see many tributes to the genius of John Lennon. I chose this piece of music because I think John Lennon actually achieved the goal of creating great art from his personal failings. In this piece he admits to being a basically fucked up flawed human being, but transcends it with the ability to analytically use his flaws to create a truly great song. Happy Birthday, John.

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mikeb302000 said...

I saw some of those tributes today and realized for some reason I remember his death day better. Every year on December 8th I think of him even before being reminded. He was a good one.