Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick But No Treat

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has brought suit against the Unicredit Debt Resolution Center in Erie, PA. According to the suit, Unicredit dressed its employees in fake sheriff's deputies uniforms to lure creditors out of their homes with unenforceable orders and then took them to a fake courtroom where another employee pretending to be a judge told them they would go to jail if they didn't pay up.

A Pittsburgh ABC television station reported the incident and has a video which cannot be embedded, but you can see their report if you click here.
In the report, the investigative reporter asks Unicredit President Mike Covatto if he can see the  fake courtroom, which is complete with huge oak doors and brass knobs. Inside is a judges bench and a witness stand.
Covatto refuses to comment and tells the reporter to talk to his lawyer and "have a nice day".

I've seen the dishonest techniques and harassment that these guys try to get away with normally. They "buy" delinquent accounts from other collection agencies with the agreement that they will keep a portion of the money recovered from debtors.
These guys at Unicredit have taken it to a new low and it would appear that they have broken multiple laws that protect consumers and engaged in impersonating law officers. BOOK 'EM!

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