Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick Or Treat

Why would this surprise anyone? At first I was going to stay above the oil slick of sleaze surrounding this little item, but today, as more and more of the details are becoming clearer in the Magic 8 Ball, I say what the hell! Let's indulge in a little smarmy gossip!
Last night a story broke in Gawker about an alleged drunken one night Halloween stand between Christine (let's just make masturbation illegal) O'Donnell and an unidentified fellow in Philadelphia 3 years ago.
The story was pretty bizarre, a knock on the door, two drunken party girls, one of which was Christine O'Donnell,  who were locked out of an apartment but wanted to borrow the bathroom to change into their Halloween get ups. 
The apartment owner let them in, and ended up going out with the girls dressed in his Boy Scout uniform, getting sloshed and then Christine asked if she could spend the night with him.
They get home, she takes off her clothes  the storyteller made a few remarks about Christine's hirsute genitalia, they get into bed, but nothing happens after Christine tells the guy that "she's a virgin".
The next morning, he gets up because he has to go to work early. Christine has a big hangover and won't get out of bed. He kicks her out....
A few weeks later, Christine is dating his room mate.
This seemed to be just some good gossip, but there were no names and just an anonymous guy in a boy scout uniform in the pictures. Let it have a life of it's own..
But, this morning, another website, The Smoking Gun, printed a collaborated version of the story by the room mate who names the story teller as Dustin Dominiak.
Why should we think this is interesting? Why not?
Did they have sex or didn't they? Who the fuck cares!
How can you tell a christian has had an orgasm?
Who the fuck cares......


steve said...

I wish Christine O'donnell was a candidate in Ohio. I would vote for her - she has nice assets.

I'm seriously thinking about voting for Rich Iott today. The more the right is allowed to break the middle class - the more the middle class will coalesce to protect their interests from the corporatists.

America needs a wake up call. We all thought GWB was a sufficient wake up call - but apperently not.

microdot said...

I am beginning to agree with you. I would like to form my own branch of the Tea Party, maybe jazz it up a bit and call it the Tequila Party and invite Christine...