Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MMMM...NOT SO GOOD? Try Campbells New Jihad Helpers?

In case you missed the story earlier this week.
Earlier this year, Campbell Canada introduced a line of halal-certified soups. The 15 soups comply with Islamic dietary regulations which, much like kosher regulations, prohibit certain foods and define the right way to slaughter animals.
The line, which includes low fat cream of broccoli and vegetarian vegetable, was certified by the Islamic Society of North America, which has been certifying halal foods since 1988.
Naturally, the right-wing Bigot Brigade freaked out.
  • “M-m-good for the Islamists. Not so yummy for the rest of us,” reads the blog ofScaramouche.
  • Robert Spencer, who writes Jihadwatch.org and has been saying for years that ISNA is tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood,* quickly echoed the alarm.   “So why is Campbell’s Soup rushing to do its bidding?” Spencer wrote on Tuesday. “‘M-M-Muslim Brotherhood Good?’”
  • The Tea Party Nation.

Conservatives have truly reached the point where they have become oblivious to their own hate and illogical rhetoric.  They scream out for free markets but have restricted the definition of ‘free’ to those principles which they and they alone uphold to be good and true.  By their rules, a corporation like Campbell’s is entitled to practice free market capitalism as long as they abide by the fear-mongering bigotry laid out by the Tea Party and their minions of idiotic and hate-filled jackasses.
Give these fools the reins of power for a decade and the United States will surely evolve into the Christian equivalent of Pakistan.


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Pam "Botox Bandit" Geller is an interesting case since she supports neo-Nazi groups such as Bloc Identitaire, the Neo-Nazi Vlaams Belang, and English Defense League. How can a Jew, who is a member of a persecuted group, want to persecute. Even more of a conundrum--why would she join with Neo-Nazi groups?

As for Halal, Kosher is similar, but far more restrictive (Halal allows for shrimp and some other items which are considered trayf). Not that there hasn't been problems with Kosher products (google snapple and kosher).

I agree that the US is heading toward being another Cromwellian Commonwealth.

microdot said...

Laci, history is my passion. I wrote apiece a few yearts ago comparing the politics of george Bushg and the religious right to Cromwell. I think that the comparison, though Bush is a fading used wad of historical tissue at this point, is more apt than ever.I love your term Cromwellian Commonwealth. It perfectly describes the alternative future fiction that I have been writing for the last few years...
Thank you.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

You're welcome. The religious right had their genesis in that movement and just haven't gotten over it.

They need to read up on the Cambridge Platonists.