Tuesday, July 12, 2011


About 2 weeks ago, I posted a video and a link to a series of exercises that Franz Kafka fanatically used thoughout his life. Now at the risk of being labled another kind of fanatic, I am posting another exercise video for a simple core work out called a Burpee. I had to get over my fear of the physical trauma of dropping to do the push up part, but in reality, once you do this a few times, there is nothing to it!
I started doing Burpees last year. Luckily, I have a huge barn to work out in.
This is simply the best all in one routine I have ever used. The first times seem impossible, then after after a few weeks, it seems that every day you can do more. I finally got rid of that pesky wrinkly 61 year old pudge that obscured my artfully antiqued veneered mahogany abs. I still do lots of crunches, 80 to 100, every day, but  I am truly addicted to Burpees! Try a few. Let me know if you think they work for you, us aging idiots appreciate the feed back, but, please, I don't want to hear from your chiropractor, Okay?


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

But for those of us who live in small 18th Century Townhouses? I hit my head on the basement rafters.

I'll stick to pilates!

microdot said...

I don't go anywhere near the hanging ring thing...I don't do that...but the rest with the jump is the complete exercise. It was the drop to the floor thing that was daunting to me at first.

Getting ready for a Quattorze de Juillet barbecue here!
We are doing duck breasts with pommes de terre sautes and some fresh grilled peppers and courgettes from the garden. I have become a fan of having fig confiture on the table with the barbecued duck.
My wife is making coffee ice cream...I put up the Thai flower light garlands...we are having 6 guests...with a few canine friends for JJ as well.