Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The next Republican Presidential Candidate Debate is scheduled for tonight as an online TeaBag sponsored Twitter event...I don't think I am being too liberally snarky by predicting that the use and the abuse of Twitter as a forum for Conservative politicians to "express" themselves will only hasten to make the Twitter brand become obsolete before its natural lifespan.
The next  "debate" will be on August 20th at Iowa State University in Ames. The last affair on June 14th was a relatively civil affair that contained itself to primarily bashing Barack Obama. The candidates tried to retain a non aggressive stance with each other...none the less, the over the edge, utterly crazy, facts be fucked stylings of Michelle Bachmann was the bright and shiny moving object that caught the feeding frenzy attention span of the flash mob that the Republican Party seems to think is their base.
So, now, everyone is piling on poor little Michelle. It seems that Mee Paw Pawlenty was the one who dropped the item of Michelle's debilitating migraines into the discussion. Rove of course, who is still searching for the perfect guy in a leather jacket, a tight ass and cowboy boots,
(Rick Perry? Fuggedaboutit)
Rove jumped right on the Migraine issue and is pushing it...Of course, it doesn't help Bachmann that Rove is onto Marcus...both of these dude's gaydar has shorted out and jamming each others (now that's a very ugly image, excuse me, but I had to go there)....Marcus? He's a doctor...Right? At least he plays one on TV and he doesn't seem to have any real credentials, outside of a non-accredited certificate from an on line diploma mill. I guess that is all you need in Minnesota to legally fuck up peoples minds and prescribe massive doses of pain killing medication for his little wifey's problem. Right?
Then there is the anti-what ever candidate, Herman Cain. Who has his own mini-Enron debacle to hide, but I guess as long as he can keep bashing Muslims and Mormons (sorry, Mitt)....well, he might still get invited to the big PIE FIGHT....
I really have to thank crooksandliars for the Stooges pie fight video linkage!

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squatlo said...

Watching this ever-growing herd of GOP contenders is interesting. In their first debate, you're right, they stayed in Napoleonic formation, firing in sequence at the Prez. Now, as more and more of them enter the race, the formation is starting to blob around and before long we'll have a full-fledged circular firing squad to watch. How cool!