Saturday, July 02, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

Once a year, the swirling winds from the Kinna hurrah rip through the open fields, lifting farmers from their work and then depositing them hundreds of miles to the south, where they often resettle and open boutiques.

Before working for the Washburns, Tobias was a horse whisperer at a ranch in Texas, but she suffered a nervous breakdown when a horse whipered back. "What stunned me most," she recalls, "was that he knew my Social Security number."

Now her blood froze as she saw a large shadow loom ominously across the wall. Her heart pounded and she wanted to scream. Then she recognized the shadow as her own and , resolving to go on a diet, phoned the police.

The driver had a tattoo on his right forearm that read, "Peace, Love, Decency." When he rolled up his left sleeve another tattoo appeared: "Printing Error-Disregard My Right Forearm."

Stubbs knocked him unconscious and ran away with his wife but not before substituting a rubber blow up doll in her place. One evening, after three of the happiest years of Wilbur Nash's life, he became suspicious when he asked his wife for more chicken and she suddenly popped and flew around the room in ever-diminishing circles, coming to rest on the carpet.

Thank you very much for your applause. You've been a great audience...last call folks, drink up, the bar's closing! Good night , drive safely and may god bless....

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