Saturday, July 23, 2011

degrees of separation

Last Saturday, July 27th, a group of 18 like minded progressive friends had a sponsored picnic at River Forks Park in Roseburg, Oregon. The peaceful picnic was attacked and broken up by an organized group of self identified American Freedom Party Tea Baggers who called the picnickers communists and claimed they were breaking up a communist gathering that was infiltrating their community. The picnickers were all area residents and when they left, with out being provoked into retaliating, they were pursued to the home of one of the organizers and the harassment continued. 
The Tea Bag group was trying to create an incident and had brought along a video cameras to record their version of the events. They were obviously trying to get a reaction which they could film and then twist into their narrative of left wing "thuggishness" which is one of the oldest fascist brownshirt tactics.
No one was hurt, though the owner of the house tried to stop the Tea Baggers from coming into her driveway and was physically threatened by a driver who acted as if he was going to run her down. 
Where did the Tea Bag activists get the inspiration and the misinformation that led them to put their ideas into motion in this series of violent acts? They chanted, "Van Jones, Van Jones" as if this was a kind of condemnation, a sort of mantra that somehow justified their little act of domestic terrorism. The video above was posted on The American Freedom Party website. It shows how they tried to create a narrative out of their violent actions which somehow in their twisted logic justifies their clearly antisocial and criminal behavior. The video is from the Tea Party perspective and the ensuing violent events were not included in their official video.
But, now a week later, we are dealing with another act of Right Wing inspired criminal violence. The chain of deluded logic and demented self righteous reasoning which led to 32 year year old Anders Behring Breiviks' demented fugue of violence in Norway. At this point in time, the victims from the bombing and subsequent shooting rampage on Utoya Island number over 90 people dead and many more injured.
Breivick claims links with ultra right groups through out the world including the USA. He claims to be a conservative Christian and a Mason interested in hunting and body building. He owns a farming company and the purchase of the chemicals used to make the bomb which was quite like the bomb used in Oklahoma City is now being documented to a series of purchases he made in February of this year.
The  TeaBag Junior Fascist idiots in Oregon who acted on their demented misinformed beliefs, the murderers of doctors and the bombers of abortion clinics, Anders Behring Breivick...what is the degree of separation between these people? Can you explain it to me?


dog gone said...

Why didn't the police intervene to prevent these tea party thugs from interfering with the good old constitutional right of assembly.

I bet these yahoos, these wackos, believe they are patriotic supporters of the constitution...for themselves, just not for other American citizens.

The ignorance of these people, and the hateful ideology they profess, along with their arrogance and smugness is over the top offensive to me.

Someone needs to smack them upside the head with a rolled up copy of the constitution, and then read it to them, since they clearly don't understand it.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

The Constitution only protects against government action. It does not protect one against thuggish right wingers who want to stifle concepts that threaten them.

Of course, there are two terms that should make any American cringe when they hear them: Patriotism and religion.

Patriotism is Combustible rubbish read to the torch of any one ambitious to illuminate his name. It is also the first refuge of a scoundrel.