Friday, September 07, 2012


When Mitt Romney walked down the aisle toward the stage at the Republican National Convention, among the people whose hands he shook was the conservative billionaire and major political donor David Koch. But it was a moment missed by the tens of millions of viewers at home. While Democracy Now! was there on the floor and captured the handshake on video, the networks cut away just before the handshake to show footage of two enthusiastic young women supporters and then an overhead shot of the convention center. Then, the shot came back to Romney shaking hands further down the aisle as he ascended the stage. Groups in the network of David Koch, and his brother Charles, intend to spend nearly $400 million ahead of the 2012 election. Hey boys, you could get a motel room, okay?

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bj said...

Why Isn't this all over the lamestream media? As Biden said "This is a BFD!" Thanks for the enlightenment .... and I just kyped it to post on my blatherspot page.