Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When The Mitt Hits The Fan, Part #3

Yeah, right...the third segment of the secret Mitt Tapes....
Actually perhaps one of the most damning segments of the tape is when His Holiness, Bishop Mittens, ...Romney starts to talk about what he refers to as “the Jimmy Carter election”, i.e., 1980. He then goes on to talk about how the hostage crisis and the failed rescue mission Desert One were pervasive issues through the 1980 election. Then at the end he says that “if something of that nature presents itself I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.”
Perhaps, we should be looking at his idiotic hyper reaction to the Libyan Embassy bombing last week and the death of the American Ambassador and 3 others, before anyone really knew the facts, in an entirely different light. I'm not claiming there was a connection, but I am sure many people are looking for the connection between the hyping of the alleged movie and the circumstances it was made and the actions on Sept 11th, 2012.
Last week, the Romney campaign was accused of exploiting the crisis at the U.S. embassy in Cairo and the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans — and this little-noticed section of the bombshell video has already drawn attention in that connection. 
I would like to stress this very important point for you: Mitt Romney is saying that if another international crisis occurs that results in the deaths of Americans, he plans to use that for his advantage. While Josh notes that he hems and haws a bit so it's possible this is another one of those "inelegant" statements, I think there's little doubt when you listen to it within the context. Puts his statements on Libya in a whole new light, doesn't it?
This is not just another in a series of "gaffes" from a flawed diletante clearly out of league. Again, it exposed Romney as a calculating psychopathic manipulative monster, who must lose this election. He must lose, the billions of dollars his buddies have donated to install him have to be wasted because that is the only way he can be totally morally obliterated. 

The outrage of John Sununu this week in an MSNBC interview was very telling: 
Gov. Sununu, if Mitt Romney had said that in that fundraiser in Boca Raton we would not be having this conversation today and he would not be facing what many would say is a meltdown,” the MSNBC host noted.
“No!” Sununu shot back. “If Jimmy Carter’s grandson hadn’t snuck this stuff out, you wouldn’t be having this conversation today. You ought to be talking about class warfare and this president nurtures it all the time!”
Sununu almost sounds like some comic villian on the cartoon series Sccoby Doo ranting about those darn kids who destroyed all of his finely crafted schemes!
James Earl Carter IV should get a medal of honor for what he has done. The conservative press is howling about the strict Florida laws regarding secret taping of individuals, but this is a very shaky premise. Yes, the press was banned from this event, but it was an event. Carter did not make the tape. It had been posted on YouTube weeks earlier. He did the investigative research which led to it's discovery and subsequent verification as real. It was out there, just like the YouTube "trailer" for The Innocence of Muslims was out there. James Earl Carter IV should at least end up on a postage stamp.
He did more than expose a gaffe which the Republican candidate can simply spin away, he gave us a clear lens that let us look into the very heart of the psychotic madness that possesses His Holiness, Bishop Mittens, the man who would be CEO of America.

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