Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Innocence Of Christians

William Dafoe as Christ in Scorcese's film
This was Pat Robertsons anti Muslim rant last week after the violence began to spred in response to the deliberately provocative scam, The Innocence of Muslims. He claimed that Muslims respond violently because they cannot deal criticism of their religion because they have no logic to deal with it. In his words, "They are possessed with the spirit of a wild donkey". This is now, this is Robertson, the senile propagandist spinning his own illogical, manipulative religious scam in 2012.
In 1988, Martin Scorcese released the film, The Last Temptation of Christ. A film that dealt with attempting to depict and portray the humanity of Jesus Christ. You cannot compare the cheap piece of manipulative propaganda trash, The Innocence of Muslims to Scorcese's intelligent film, which tried to depict a compelling psychological depiction of Christian other words, Scorcese tried to present Christ as a human and analyze the emotional is impossible.
The controversial photo PISS CHRIST earned
Richard Serrano a hailstorm of outrage. It was
vandalized in in the early 90's in A NYC Gallery, and
 more recently, earlier this year in Avignon, France,
where it became the object of demonstrations by French
Fundamentalist Catholic protestors. This perceived
controversy was exploited by Nicolas Sarkozy and
Marine LePen in their failed attempts to exploit
Fundamentalist Christian sentiment for political
The Cover of Kazantzakis book
But, none the less in 1988, Pat Robertson condemned the film as ‘an offence to a hundred million Christians. It ridicules and blasphemes the faith that we have all committed our lives to'. Christian fundamentalists like Robertson organised a major protest outside Universal Studios. Ironically, they parked their cars in the studio car park, generating $4,500 in parking charges for the studio. Another protestor, Bill Bright of the Campus Crusade for Christ, offered the studio $10 million to allow him to destroy the film. In 1989, Albuquerque high school teacher Joyce Briscoe found herself at the centre of controversy when she screened the film for students at La Cueva High School, thus provoking the wrath of the student’s parents and local Christian radio station KLYT.
On 22nd October 1988, a French Catholic Christian fundamentalist group firebombed the
Saint Michel cinema in Paris severely burning four people and injuring a further nine. A similar attack was staged In Besancon, the capital of the Franche-ComtĂ© region, and tear gas was released in other French cinemas.    This is the same group responsible for the vandalism of the Andre Serrano exhibition in Avignon earlier this year and the Front National supported demonstrations embraced by Nicolas Sarkozy.
In Greece, the homeland of the novelist Nikos Kazantzakis, on whose book the film was based, Archbishop Iakovos, the primate of the Greek Othodox Church, called for a boycott of the film (Kazantzakis was excommunicated as a heretic by the Greek Orthodox Church, and the book placed in the Catholic Church’s index of forbidden books when it was first published).
The film was banned in many countries, including Argentina, Chile, Ireland, Israel, Mexico and Turkey, and bans remain in place in the Philippines, Singapore and South Africa. Even in more liberal countries such as Britain, the film has been the centre of much controversy; as late as 1992 the House of Lords was questioning the wisdom of the
BBC’s decision to screen the film on national television...
The Innocence of Muslims, indeed....
The Hypocrisy of Christians......


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,

I HAVE to pass on this story. A gentleman that I went through my 32 degree in the Scottish Rite of Masonry is a private pilot who is certified to fly the whole spectrum of aircraft.

Well among many heavy metal rock groups, and the likes of Cheryl Crow, there was Pat Robertson!!! He said that Pat Robertson used the “F” word more than any sailor ever did and a combination of all other explorative far beyond anyone he has ever flown around the world. My friend was impressed with Pat Robertson’s PROFICIENCY and his PROPENSITY to apply every opportunity to use PROFANITY in just about every sentence statement he made on his plane trip.

Yes as it would come as no surprise to you and me that Pat Robertson is nothing more than a Religious Pimping Con Man.

microdot said...

More than a con man, a human rights criminal on a world wide basis, a bona fide arms trader, diamond smuggling partner with some of the filthiest dictators in Africa. There are more than a few posts on this blog documenting the scams of arms deals disguised as aid shipments in exchange for Liberian diamonds.