Monday, September 17, 2012

The Blimp

The Daily News hosts the Great Blimp Race during July 4th weekend celebrations in 1986. I remember watching this on my bike on the shore in Staten Island. Pretty cool.
And here is the sound track, The Blimp by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band from the 
1969 master opus, Trout Mask Replica produced by Frank Zappa. The Captain phoned in the vocal performance. Zappa seems to be very pleased..... Lyrics after the break if you are interested....

The Blimp lyrics: 

Master master

This is recorded thru uh flies ear

'n you have t' have uh flies eye t' see it

It's the thing that's gonna make Captain Beefheart

And his magic band fat

Frank it's the big hit

It's the blimp

It's the blimp Frank

It's the blimp

When I see you flo tin' down the gutter

I'll give you uh bottle uh wine

Put me on the white hook

Back in the fat rack

Shad rack ee shack

The sumptin' hoop the sumptin' hoop

The blimp the blimp

The drazy hoops the drazy hoops

They're camp they're camp

Tits tits the blimp the blimp

The mother ship the mother ship

The brothers hid under their hood

>From the blimp the blimp

Children stop yer nu sin' unless yer renderin' fun

The mother ship the mother ship

The mother ship's the one

The blimp the blimp

The tapes uh trip it's uh trailin' tail

It's traipse'n along behind the blimp the blimp

The nose has uh crimp

The nose is limp the blimp

It blows the air the snoot isn't fair

Look up in the sky there's uh dirigible there

The drazy hoops whir

You can see them just as they were

All the people stir

'n the girls knees trembles

'n run 'n wave their hands

'n run their hands over the blimp the blimp

Daughter don't yuh dare

Oh momma who cares

It's the blimp it's the blimp

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