Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tesla Supercharger

Admittedly, $50,000 is a lot of money to pay for a car, but the Tesla Model S Electric car is real, in production and they have showrooms in Europe and the USA. It works. For now, the car has a 150 mile range on a charge. Up to now, the electricity was off the grid so to speak, but last night, September 24, 1012, Elon Musk changed the rules. Free, clean solar power for the future. 
In his presentation, he shows that by the end of this year,  they will have installed a totally free, clean Solar Supercharger network in California. The units are not that expensive and the Tesla Motors Corporation plans to have their own grid across the continental USA in place in just a few years. The excess power goes into the power grid. Free Solar energy for everyone.
Scoff at the 150 mile range and the present charge time if you must, but this concept was considered impossible only a few years ago. The price of the Tesla will come down, the technology is already moving at an incremental rate, but It takes visionary entrepreneurs to make this a reality. The world needs more visionaries like Elon Musk and by supporting him and his research, we create our own sustainable future.

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squatlo said...

The first thing that has to happen is a connected network of charging stations that are adaptable to every electric or hybrid vehicle. The government should require a universal adapter for all electric models sold in this country, and then begin to make it cost effective for supermarkets, Walmarts, gas stations, etc. to install them at their locations.
Why would a gas station help promote a technology that avoids gas sales? Because customers would buy other things during charging delays. There store business would increase, even if they eventually lose petrol sales.

Once it's in place, people will flock to this technology.