Monday, April 08, 2013

Miss Maggie

Renaud - Miss Maggie par Brownsugar18
The 1985 French Version of Margaret Thatcher by Renaud.
(It took me a few hours to translate this and I know I could have done a better job. I met Renaud once in the 1980's and I still have brain damage.)
Woman in the world or hell
Which are often the same
Normal woman, star or black pudding,
Females of any kind I love you
Even the last of bitches,
I want to dedicate these few lines
From my disgust men
And their moral warrior
Because no woman on the planet
N 's'ra so stupid that his brother
Or prouder or more dishonest
Except perhaps Thatcher

Woman I love you because
When sport is war
There's no or very little chick
In the hordes of supporters
These fanatics, crazy-mad
Watered hatred and beer
Deifying goons in blue,
Insulting bastards green
There's no female hooligan,
Stupid and deadly
There is none even in Great Britain
Except of course Thatcher

Woman I love you because
A sitting at the wheel
You don 't get as stupid as
These poor nerds who bump
A lighthouse a little messed up
Or a finger pointing up high
They are people who go to gun down
To save their radio
The honor of these arms bastards
No woman is quite common
To use it with a vengeance
A share can be Thatcher

Woman I love you because
You will not die in war
Park 'that the sight of a gun
Not shiver your ovaries
Park 'in the ranks of hunters
Who d├ęgomment doves
And occasionally Beurs
I've never seen a female
Not a woman is pretty pathetic
To polish a revolver
And feel invulnerable
Except of course Thatcher

This is not a female brain
What exit the atomic bomb
And not a woman has on her hands
The blood of the American Indian
Palestinian and Armenian
Demonstrate the merits of their graves
That genocide is male
As a SS, a bullfighter
In the fucking humanity
Assassins are all brothers
Not a woman to compete
A share can be Thatcher

I love you above all women finally
For your weakness and your eyes
When the force of man is
In the gun or in its tail
And when will the last hour
Hell s'ra populated by morons
Playing football or war,
A person who pissing
I'll change into a dog if I can stay on Earth
And as daily street
I offer myself Thatcher

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