Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time To Upgrade The Software Of Our Society

I got the link for this video from an old Detroit Buddy, Wayne Kramer...
this succinctly makes the point about the real nature of the gun debate in America. I have never advocated taking guns away from people. I believe in your right to bear arms and the right to own guns.
What I do sincerely believe is that the Constitutional Right is based on a flawed and hacked operating system. I believe that the Arms manufacturers of America are driven by pure greed. I now that the guns for sale on the streets of Mogadishu come from America. The arms used by jihadists in Mali came from America. The idea that that you need to have all the ammo, the most destructive guns you can afford is a sick fetish fueled by the propaganda of thew NRA. The American Constitution is like the Operating system of your computer. It can be hacked and it has been and it will be. We have to take the ystem that we live by into the 21st century. Other countries have. Government is not religion, it is us!

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