Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shit Finger

So, yesterday, my wife is all out of shape because of an article in the French Press about Obama being the recipient of $41,000 of gifts from Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni in 2011. It was reported that way in the French version of The Huffington well as in the French magazines .and it's quite a list of swag....
Black lack Hermès golf accessory bag: Valued at $7,750.00 (January 2011)
Pink outfit and green outfit by Bonpoint: Valued at $360 (January 2011)
Set of seven Bonpoint Paris perfume, skincare lotion, soap products: Valued at $401 (January 2011)
Baccarat 'Our Fire' crystal table lamps: Valued at $5,500 (January 2011)
Lacoste white classic men's polo shirt, bottle of Christian Drouin Pays d'Auge, S.T. Dupont black and silver fountain pen, 14 inch blue-gray glass sculpture of Bucephalus, Alexander the Great's horse: Valued at $15,083 (May 2011)
Frédéric Malle soaps, candle and Cologne Bigarade: Valued at $435 (May 2011)
Hermès orange cotton canvas travel case, Hermès cotton terrycloth beach towel, Forge de Laguiole letter opener: Valued at $1,994 (May 2011)
Crystal golf statuette by Baccarat of a golfer with his iron pitched over his head. Baccarat statuette of golfer with his iron out in front in a follow-through posture. Black Hermès golf travel bag: Valued at $1,650 (August 2011)
Silver watch with black wristband made by B.R.M., Lancel brown leather woman's wallet, Lancel black leather folding toiletry bag, His and hers Dior bathrobes, Lancel black leather suitcase, Christian Dior black leather clutch purse, Men's Dior hygiene products: Valued at $6,191 (November 2011)
Black leather Neo Igor Louis Vuitton men's business bag, embossed with 'B.O.' Valued at $2,310 (December 2011)

I thought it was pretty strange because as I understood it, Obama didn't really like Sarko and he didn't like him...Carla, on the other hand...She's the ultimate high priced groupie. Super Rich Italian Nobility who in her rise as a model went from Mick Jagger to Eric Clapton...then became the mistress of Socialist Prime Minister un der Mitterand who is now the present Socialist Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius. She has been linked to quite a few French Pop musicians in her attempt to create a career as a musician. She was introduced to Sarkozy by his ultra right wing strategist, Claud Gueant as a perfect match after his Marriage to Celia collapsed after his election to the presidency. Carla took to dressing up like a Jackie Kennedy Barbie Doll.  I would say right off, anything from Sarko is like a poison apple. He is the king of sleaze incarnate. He's desperately trying to raise his public image here at the expense of The floundering Socialist administration of Hollande. His Right wing UMP Party is trying to regain credibility in a very frantic Tea Party type putsch. Racism, homophobia, blaming the Socialists for the fallout from his own failed economic policies, ultra right wing nationalism...what ever works. But, the reality, even with all the PR that Sarko is mustering and his behind the scene manipulations, he has to deal with the ever mounting legal fallout of the scandals he was able to avoid as President of France. So, he's a lawyer now and moving to Morocco with Carla...who is trying to jumpstart her music career with her new lame dead in the water CD of Bo Toxed surgically enhanced generic pop tunes.
But the reality, is that Sarko is a compulsive manipulator. He has to try to influence everything he comes into contact with. Unfortunately, for him, he seems to be cursed with the Shit Finger syndrome. What ever he touches has systematically turned to shit over the last 8 or so years. You have to read the real history of this creep to begin to get the scope of his vile corrupt touch of evil that he seems to infect everything around him with. The Chiracs hate him, but the curse of right wing politics made him necessary to Jacques and Madame Chirac...why do they hate him? in the 1990's Nicolas seduced their daughter, Claude and they blame him for the suicide of their son in law. The Sarkozy mess is deeper still when you realize that he rose to power with the help of the CIA. His step mother married Frank Wisner, Jr, the #2 of the CIA in the 1970's...that is just the tip of the can read it here in Operation Sarko by the great French Journalist, Theirry Meyssan.
Mr. Obama, don't touch any of the shit the Sarkozy's gave you! It's infected with pure evil. Actually, I had to research this story. And I realized that the French Press and Huff Post printed the sensationalized version of the events. Yes, Carla and Nicolas gave the Obamas a lot of swaggy presents after the G-8 Summit in 2011, but in reality, they were never really acknowledged by the Obamas. In fact he was told that to return or refuse them would be a diplomatic faux pas. So he turned them over to the National Archives and the General Services Administration. He did declare them which is how the press got wind of the Sarkozy's largess. Even just receiving this pile of expensive crap carried a curse, because though, it was reported accurately in the foreign press, in France, Sarko and Carla are still trying to play it as if the Obamas are their buddies...Obsession, Oh the stench of it!

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