Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Omission Accomplished

I'm all a flutter awaiting the May 1, 2013 grand opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in a a strip mall near Texas SMU...it's a library, a museum and a neo con theme park, all rolled into one! You don't have to read, you don't have to write or engage in any tedious thought type processes to enjoy the family fun. Take the little ones to the My Pet Goat Petting Zoo. Enjoy a refreshing Tequila Sunrise in America or Freedom Margarita at the 9/11 Karaoke Saloon Lounge! You can shout into the gold plated bull horn that George used at the World Trade Center in 2001! No obscenities, please. In fact you can pick up a miniature working 9/11 George Bush Jr. Bullhorn in the giftshop! There's something for everyone in the gift shop! Buy the snappy CD, all the really cool kids are digging on Meet The Bushies! Choose from a wide selection of realistic resin cast  miniature shards of actual debris and assorted unidetifiable body parts from the World Trade Center. Buy the

convenient patriotically wrapped gift pack assortment with the little Rudy Guiliani bobble head statue that speaks and speaks and speaks and ...don't worry, eventually the battery runs out. Imagine owning your own working model of Saddam Hussein's gold plated Kalishnikov? The original, which was gift to George is in the museum.  Back ground checks? Who needs a stinking background check?...well unless you are the wrong color, after all this is Texas! Take the American Century Neo Con Fun House Ride! See how many redeemable tokens you can pick up at the Raiders of the Lost Baghdad Billions Money Drop Casino. BUY NOW!
According to the library’s official website, it will be ”a results-oriented institute that will have an effect on our country and, we think, on the world,” focusing on areas including economic growth, human freedom, and education reform. But it’s tough to say what results can be gleaned from the legacy of the president who turned a budget surplus into a deficit, left us into a major recession, permitted the use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques, and instituted the “No Child Left Behind” education policy that is widely criticized even by Republicans today. “It looks like a theme park as much as it is a library,” according to Lou Dubose, co-author of “Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush’s America.” Dubose points out the library also includes a freedom tower, a freedom plaza, a decision points library, the bullhorn Bush used to talk to first responders from ground zero, and even Saddam Hussein’s pistol.
“It’s kind of a parentheses around one of the greatest foreign policy blunders in our country’s history and they’re pretty shameless about it.”

Dubose describes the “triumphalist narrative” on display at the library as “a neo-con rehash of all the terms that were used to lead the country into war.”
“One would expect a little bit of a modesty from a president who has presided over that sort of failure,” he said. “And from a president who’s competing in the bottom ten in terms of presidential rankings that are done by legitimate historians.”
Dubose contrasts Bush’s airbrushed approach with President’s Johnson’s museum, which he describes as contrasting his great achievements like the civil rights movement, with his notable failure, the war in Vietnam. “There’s nothing on the other side for Bush.”

Here is what Al Sharpton's Program on MSNBC had to say yesterday:

Perhaps, you might want to view some of George Jr's original art works? He'd be so pleased if you picked up some of these classy reproductions suitable for framing from the gift shop!


bj said...

One wonders if there will be actual .... BOOKS .... in the Bush Library ...

mud_rake said...

Yes, indeed. I understand that somewhere along the tour that the public will take, a visitor can stop and give his/her opinion about the decisions that GWB made. Somewhere deep in my brain I suspect that this input is rigged- much like the WMD disinformation.