Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Donny's New Home?

Hey, Donny, I'm sure you might find a nice comfy little palace to molder away in Brussels. They'd probably give you your own TV show on Belgian TV why you wait to be extradited to the Hague for your war crimes trial, or probably die first while fighting extradition. Belgium is not a bad place, it's a little country, but in my experience, there are a lot of racist assholes per capita who would welcome you with open arms. You'd love the chocolate, and they have a frikin' King, too. In case you were curious, Belgium has a history that you could personally relate to, I'm sure. Here's a handy little graphic showing the most blood thirsty dictators of modern times. King Leopold is #4! Just under Hitler! Cool, huh? Hey, Donny, you are piker compared to these guys!

I knew Donny would get a kick out of this, because he seems to be totally in tune with the crazy Belgian sense of satire. What a coincidence! The same day he made a joke on Greta Van Susteren's FOX News Program stating that a "trained ape" could do a better job as a diplomat than Barack Obama:
The Belgian Flemish language newspaper, Die Morgen published this picture of Barack and Michelle Obama on the eve of their visit to Belgium to commemorate the end of WWI.

 They claimed it was "satire", but if you live in Europe and have had contact with Belgians, for the most part, except for the comic strip artists, they are not known for their sense of satire. The most apt comment I saw in defense of the picture included an un photoshopped picture of George Bush Jr.
Donny, move to Brussels. You'll knock em dead and it's just an hour on a high speed luxury train to The Hague, where they have a luxurious suite awaiting you in the Slobodan Milosevic wing of their facility....I heard there is actually a pool there with wheel chair ramps.....

I try to stay away from the NYTimes, but I read this today and in the context of Rumsfelds continuing descent into senility, in a historical context, this piece was pretty good in explaining that he never really had anything relevant to say in the first place.

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bj said...

career politician completely wrong about every thought he ever had throughout it. how he garnered so much trust by two Presidents is beyond my imagination. if i believed in god i would imagine Donald Rumsfeld an agent of satan. he never met a war he didn't like .... very much akin to David Brooks of today. Wrong about everything under the sun and ready to send YOUR sons to war at the first moments opportunity. both were disciples of the angel of death, for true.