Monday, March 24, 2014

Stupid Fuck

1988 at the Knitting Factory on Houston St. in New York City. I had the honor of being the mover  of this band with my old lime green Toyota pick up truck. One of the ultimate power trios led by the one of the greatest and I have to add unrecognized free jazz/rock artists of all time, Sonny Sharrock. Sonny could take you from the gentle heights of sheer lyrical beauty to the horror of the depths of sonic hell in a micro second with his improvisational whims. He was a true genius. One of the greatest jazz/rock guitarists ever. He transcended the all categories. This is a great piece, never released on a record, but he lets it say all that is need to be said about the subject.


Anonymous said...

Hi Microdot,

Just had to say thank you for posting Stupid Fuck. Me and my pal, Arbuckle listened to Monkey Pockie Boo many years back. We both agreed that the project was absurd, but that was the draw. Sonny was playing at the Rosebud in Pittsburgh shortly thereafter. Arbuckle asked if I wanted to go. We arrived early and had the table closest to the stage. It was unreal. Sonny had 2 broken strings in one set and it didn't seem to faze him at all. He always seemed to be breaking strings, but was still getting it. I was in awe. I still am.


microdot said...

I remember you telling me about your Monkey Pockey Boo experience! That might have been my first experience of knowing who Sharrock was. He released some more stuff like this on his wife's solo records...Another unrecognized innovator...Yoko gets all the credit for improvisational art free jazz vocals, then I started to look for him more and more. He was on Herbie Mann's Memphis Underground recording playing guitar duets with a very young Larry Coryell There was a great piece of Herbie Mann in Italy in the 60's on RAI on YouTube featuring Sharrock...but the account that had this piece got banned from YouTUbe. I have to thank you, mr politeness for the accordion cd you sent me. I'm going to make mp3s of some of the pieces so I can make versions I can twisted little brainz are already thinking of gif mash up possibilities!