Thursday, April 24, 2014

Legal Advice, Please?

If you know me just through this blog, you know I am a life long bicycle enthusiast. I ride in all kinds of awful weather. I live in a very hilly place, so just getting to the main road is the hardest part of any bike trip. I fantasize about my favorite flat places. I rode around the NYC area for about thirty years and loved to get on my bike after midnight in the summer and ride through lower Manhattan and then finally end up at the heliport on the East River and enjoy the artificial gales generated by the helicopters on a impossibly hot humid Manhattan night! I loved riding in Manhattan in the winter late at night. I had a few friends who I would meet up with and we would own the streets! I was a part time bike messenger in Lower Manhattan for a year and a half through 1979 and 1980. I loved it, and the best thing I can say about that experience is that I survived! I lived in Michigan and then the Toledo, Ohio area for years before I moved to NYC. I lived on my bike. So, I have this exquisite nostalgia about the utter flatness of that part of the world. I visit my family from time to time in the Toledo area and get to use my brother in laws bike and go on trips with my nephew, who is a real monster triathlete! It's another world, for me almost orgasmic, especially when you are going in the direction the wind is pushing you in. So, I am actually looking forward to a visit this year to Ohio. I cannot wait to get on a bike and ride up into Michigan on roads as flat as a bowling alley. But,  the last time I was in Toledo, I was riding at the infamous 5 points intersection, and a bunch of yahoos started to harass me just for  being on a bike! Then one of the jerks tossed a MacDo Strawberry Shake out the window and hit me in the leg...Splattering MacDo gloop all over me! Unfortunately for the car full of jerks, there is a long light at the intersection and they were waiting in traffic when I came pedaling up, really pissed! I started screaming and kicking their car...they rolled up the window and so I kicked the window and after three solid hits, I felt something give....then the light changed and they roared the fuck out of there, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that someone was going to have to pay to get that damn window fixed! That brought back an ugly memory of 1972, when I was riding up Collingwood Avenue late at night after work. I had shoulder length hair at the time and there were a bunch of idiots walking on the edge of the street. They were totally fucked up and the biggest goon reached out as I road by to turn on my street, and grabbed my hair and pulled me off of my bike. I fuzzily came back to reality and saw the big jerk grinning and drooling at me from above. I think his friends were totally freaked at what their idiot friend had done. I jumped to my feet, ready to do what ever I had to do and a miracle happened, a station wagon had stopped and a Lucas County Sheriff deputy in uniform with his family had witnessed the entire incident. The drooling incoherent jackass was now the one who was more than a little stunned by this unexpected reality.  The deputy, who was armed, asked me if I wanted to press charges. With out missing a beat, I said call the cops! The drooling ape was the son of a pretty well to do family and though there was no trial, I made out pretty good in a private settlement with the family. I was incredibly lucky! I can't claim to be brilliant, but I have always had bizarre luck that has come through for me on many occasions! As far as I can see, that is how I came to live here in France in the most beautiful house in the Dordogne. I just followed my heart and my heart made my luck. But, as I am planning a trip to Ohio later this year, I was wondering, if under Ohio's current weapons law, if the bike I  have posted above might be legal? I read the current Ohio gun laws and it doesn't seem to violate any of them. After all, it's hardly a concealed weapon. It might prevent a lot of problems before they actually occur/ My nephew says he'll help me put it together and he might build one as well, then we could have a convoy. I'd appreciate any advice? 

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