Friday, April 25, 2014

The 6,666,667th Sign.....

I'm beginning to to get tired of keeping track of all these signs and omens popping up lately and I thought I'd never ever post anything by Ben Gleck ever have to admit, it's been years soince I even referred to him, but...In light of the fact that he is getting desperate to change the subject about Cliven, he devoted an entire segment of his daily wankery to the 6,666,667th Sign. The sacred pancake of death! 
Now, really Glecky, Jesus? I'd say it looks more like Frank Zappa, or even more like, uhh, Charles Manson?
And, I'm not quite sure as to what that is supposed to mean...But Glecky, perhaps it is a sign, a totally devine sign that perhaps it is time for you to never mention he whose name should not be spoken, never, ever, never ever again.

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