Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Gub'mint Plot

It's a damn gubmint librul plot. You'd a know as soon as the illeegitimate  'Bama socialistic conspirators went after Cliven, they'd start playin' the pathetic race card. What do you expect from the New York Times? A hot bed of librul socialist commie thugs smear Cliven by claiming he made racist remarks when he was jes speakin the plain truthful facts about negroid type folks suckin on the gubmint teats so they'ze can support there criminal prokilivities and lay about and impregnate the wimmens and abandon their babies so they'ze can git drunk and shoot up their dope. Hell, I ain't racist, I'm just sayin what everyone is thinkin. Cliven even lets a negro come into his house! He don't think that all negroid types would be better off as slaves, just some of them. So they come out with this Commie plot to steal Clivens cattlecause he is jes claiming his ancestral rights on the land he's lived on since since way back in uhhh...1948? That must be a lie because Cliven, a God fearin' Morman man swears that they've been there since 1870 And the cattle started grazing on the sacred ancestral homestead in uhhh, 1954? Well, it's all about some librul tree huggin ecologist thing and save them damn tortoises during their breeding season which nobody gives two cow turds about anyways. I saw the video from the librul hate propaganda outhouse called Media Matters. Obvious fake! These CIA, NSA tech nerds can make anyone look like they'ze saying anything! You know what I mean? I was so relieved that the good ol folks at the local FOX Network gave Cliven a chance to explain what you think he said, but he didn't really say cause this yer is what he really meant:

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One Fly said...

and they gave this idiot fucktard credibility