Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Joyeux Quatorze de Juillet, tout le monde!
Unfortuneately, I can't really express my feelings about the present French Government and the cesspool of corruption that is exploding in our faces. The present administration has learned a lot from the American Republican party...I will add that when I have commented on French politics lately, I have noticed many hits on my blog counter from an untraceable ip address here. Let's just say, the internet is monitored. I am not a French citizen, so I really don't want to make my or my loved ones lives difficult.....

Meanwhile, here are two pieces of music by the singer, Renaud. He began his career in the 60's. He sang folk and rock. He recorded celtic songs of Ireland and Breton as well as his own compositions. In 2002, he recorded a song with the Belgian singer, Axell Red called Manhattan/Kaboul which portrayed two parrellel lives, one in Manhattan and one in Kaboul shattered by violence. I found a version with an english translation. The second piece is Dr. Renaud/Mr. Reynard. A dark autobiographical song about Renaud...his two sides. The self destructive Mr. Reynard and the person who he wants to be, Dr. Renaud. Great Music by a great artist.

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mud_rake said...

I forgot to hang my Flag out yesterday due to the sweltering, oppressive heat that we continue to suffer this summer. Thanks for reminding me of Bastille Day.

Interesting comparison of two viewpoints. Sadly, many Americans only accept one of them.